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Glee’s Graduating!

22 May

Class of 2012

This might be one of the only times I’ve ever stuck to a plan. Ever ever. I’ve already said this but it bears reiterating: I am graduating concurrently with the Glee kids! They’re like my Harry Potter (whose students grew up, for the first four books, in my sister’s year). It’s fair to say that I’ll be fairly emotionally invested come Thursday night (spurred on by fun.’s latest album. Speaking of, can we have some consensus vis a vis their name? I say fun. but others say FUN. or just simply ‘fun’ or even ‘Fun’.) Anyway, Glee’s released an album specifically for graduation and it’s a nice way to end the three seasons. Review after the jump:

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19 May



Another week beat! Take that, school work! It’s been fairly exhausting but I’ve been on a high (legal) for the last two days because of how damn cheery Glee was! It’s funny growing up with a pop culture phenom where the kids in it are the same age (fictionally) as yourself. They’re graduating next week and so am I! Crazy. They covered Grouplove’s (Group Love, GroupLove, GROUPLOVE?) Tongue Tied which is a fantastic song. Michael covered the band’s Colours yonks ago. The cover (and accompanying scene) was perfect and it’s the perfect perfect song to get you through work/parties this weekend. I’m firmly ensconced in the former’s camp. Original below. Glee after the jump.

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Shake It Out – Glee Cast

8 May

This is how it went down.

I really like Florence +/&/and The Machine but I don’t think I ever really talk about her all that much on the website. I don’t quite know why that is, so here’s a list of other artists I really enjoy but talk about all that much: Snoop Dogg, Hanson and Taylor Swift. Anyway, one of my favourite Florence songs was covered on Glee this week! Pretty exciting. Even better is that it was a beautiful arrangement and featured Tina! Tina never gets songs! Glory, glory, glory. There’s a seriously spoilery musician in the background between Santana and Tina whose smile almost steals this song:

Full, unedited song after the jump (but minus Santana- sad face):

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Candles – Hey Monday

23 Apr

Hey Monday, it's actually a Tuesday.

Howdy. Welcome to Tuesday. Here’s some music.

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Catching Up With That Glee Thing

9 Apr

Howdy! Hope you’re all enjoying Monday. I finished The Perks of Being a Wallflower (capitalisation has never been my friend) on Friday night; it left me emotionally drained for the weekend. Seriously. I won’t divulge my thoughts because a) this is ostensibly a music blog and b) I lent it to my sister and want her to read it before I spoil anything. I’m sweeping through Young Adult literature and I’ll stop reading it when I stop being a young adult, okay? Elsewhere, my current album of the moment is Christina Aguilera’s Stripped. It’s weird that I really only listen to albums at a time (2 weeks ago, I had fun., last week was Taylor, now Xtina) but I found it a more immersive way to familiarise oneself with an artist. Jeez, douche alert. Else elsewhere: Glee. They’ve released all new songs from this week’s upcoming episode, Big Brother. Some deets; Matt Bomer is Darren Criss’ older bro, Quinn had that car-crash (remember?) and Tina wants a song. WELL WE CAN’T ALWAYS GET WHAT WE WANT, CAN WE TINA? Some songs for you, after the jump:

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Some Nights – fun.

5 Apr
fun.: The

fun.: The best band name since happy.

Sorry! I’ve been trying to organise my life. Anyway, here’s some new music. If you read my personal Tumblr (it’s kinda fun!), you’ll know I’m a big fan of these guys. I first came across them on Glee (because, where else) and immediately fell for their current Number 1, We Are Young featuring Janelle Monae’s spangly vocals. They’re awesome and produce should-be-rock-but-is-actually-kinda-pop music; my favourite! They fill me with a bizarro, hyper-contemplative energy that makes me want to dance around my room like a Taylor Swift video and simultaneously reconsider all aspects of my life. Exhibit A:

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Cough Syrup – Darren Criss

18 Feb

Glee: And apologies (not always hand-in-hand)

Man, I know most of my posts lately read like one long apology but once more unto the breach, dear friends. Once more: I apologise. I’ve been in the country all week without a laptop/internet, spending my time learning to drive/riding horses which has left me a fairly competent driver and emotionally crippled after watching War Horse. Anyway, one of my failures this week was to not catch everyone up with a Gleecap. I’m smacking my hands for you guys, don’t worry. As Glee (in the U.S) has one more episode and is then taking (another!) hiatus, I thought I’d round up all of this year’s five episodes so we’re all fresh for its return. In the mean time, new Glee music. Here’s the original, Gleeview after the jump:

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Smooth Criminal – Glee Cast

8 Feb

Dianna Agron: She seems happy about the Gleecap's return.

After a quick trawl through Sky’s website, I’ve realised that Glee is only returning in the Spring because people found it difficult to follow the series in the U.K because it’s so broken up (owing to America’s sports fixtures.) Fine, it’s not like there’s an invention called Series Link or anything. Anyway, as that’s ages away, I’ve decided to start Gleecapping American style. Join me next Wednesday night for our weekly installment. Looking forward to seeing ‘ye. Heads up: Next Tuesday, I’ll do a super concise Gleecap of the last three episodes. I know, I know. This truly is too much on my behalf. What can I say, I love you.

Smooth Criminal – Glee Cast


I Kissed A Girl – William Fitzsimmons

5 Feb
William: Beardy

Happy Sunday y’all. Sorry for the lack of 10 TILAP: I’m a failure, a loser and a goodfernothin’ fool. Anyway, enjoy this nice little cover of Katy Perry’s I Kissed A Girl. Slight problem with how they change the lyrics: When will people learn that that is so needless! Likely never but whatevs, enjoy:

Pleasing Glee cover after the jump:

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Without You – Glee Cast

25 Jan

Wanna Start Gleecappin': I miss those kooky kids

Yo, yo, yo. If any of you were wondering what’s happened to our Weekly Gleecap, let me recap you. Glee’s off-air right now in Britain but back in the U.S of A. As we’re U.K based (and internet streaming is illegal, you guys), we’re going to follow the U.K timetable. The good news is that Sky tells me it will be back early 2012 (which I’m taking to mean late Jan/early Feb.) Better news: America has only aired one episode and are taking a break this week in anticipation for next week’s MJ episode. SO WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN, HENRY. Just relax, we’ll be back blogging it soon and hopefully we won’t be too far behind America. Gleecapping and world politics, not as different as it first seems. Anyway, to fill you in, here’s a Guetta/Usher cover by Lea Michele. It’s quite breathtaking (Darren Criss covers MJ after the jump):

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