Missing Andy


We wrote about them over a month back and now have an interview with Essex’s hottest new band – Missing Andy. We caught up with Alex Greaves, lead singer of the group, who took the time to answer Can You Hear This’ questions:

Let’s start with the name, how did you guys come up with “Missing Andy”?

Don’t wanna go into too much detail, but it spawns from missing someone you care/cared for, be it Andy, Dave, Betty or whoever. Everyone has someone that they miss.

When you started out, what were the main artists that influenced your musical style?

I’ve got quite a strange taste in music; it varies from hip hop and dubstep music, to Elton John. That’s where we got the idea of ‘The Way We’re Made’ from. I was listening to Made in England by Elton John when I was going through some old albums of mine and decided I wanted to write the new Made in England. It sparked off something, so we wanted to write a new take on an old classic.

How did you all meet?

I met the guys when I moved to Essex from London; I used to open up for their old band beatboxing and rapping. They started on a new project and asked if I was interested and Missing Andy was born.

What was the best gig you ever played?

Wembley was great – 10,000 people all singing along to our songs was a feeling you really can’t beat.

Where was your music career going before you played on Must Be the Music?

We’d been gigging all over the country winning over people and working tirelessly, now after the show we intend to do the same.

So what made you audition?

We were asked to come and audition by the show. They’d heard through a promoter in London about us and asked if we were interested.

What did you make of your experience and your huge success on the show?

It was great. Getting driven around in a merc for a couple of weeks being fed and pampered and playing music to millions on TV… That’s what it’s all about (laughs).

And how has life changed after the Must Be the Music ride?

Well I was skint before the show and still am today. It’s not until you start selling out massive venues you start to earn a decent wedge, selling music alone doesn’t make you a lot of money these days, but we’re very grateful for all those who have bought our stuff and come to gigs. They put us where we are and for us it really is all about the music.

Do you have any weird stories about fans or tours?

Type in ‘Missing Andy – Dave’ into YouTube!!

If your house was burning down, what would you grab?

Well I would say my piano but by the time I got the massive old bastard out I’d probably be dead!

Who are the best and worst dancers in the group?

Jon’s got pretty nifty footwork. Get a few beers down Steve and he’ll be whacking out the ‘drunk dad at a wedding’ dance moves.

Any last words?

Vikki Blows… Sit on my face.

Thank you Alex, we wish you all the best!

Make sure you all buy their new album, The Greatest Show on Earth.


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