The Knocks


In the zone after their first gig, we caught up with The Knocks ahead of their first tour:

First off guys, gotta start with your name, The Knocks. We love it. How did you come up with it?

We are roommates and used to get knocks on the walls and ceiling when the tunes were too loud.

You’re getting some attention from big artists like Kanye West. How does that feel?
It feels pretty awesome.  Kanye is one of our favourite producers so for him to co-sign a rendition we did of his original production is neat.
Where’d you both grow up?
B-Roc grew up in New Hampshire and J-Patt grew up in Connecticut.

How did you both meet each other?
We had a mutual friend in New York and shared our musical adventures with each other.

You do a lot of great remixes. How do you decide which songs to remix?
We either really like the original song a lot or we really like the remix fee a lot.

Who are your favourite current artists?
B-Roc:  Francis & The Lights and Willow Smith
J-Patt:  Al Greene…did you HEAR his new shit?

If your house was burning down and you could only save one item, what would you save?
B-Roc:  The cat we’re taking care of.

J-Patt:  Fifa

What’s your favourite movie of all time?
B-Roc: Jurassic Park
J-Patt: Raiders of the Lost Ark

Okay, back on the topic of music, which artist would you most like to perform with and why?
We are huge fans of bands with synchronized dance moves, funky basslines and backup singers that make funny faces.  So if you have that, we’re down.

Do you each come up with different ideas for music, or do you both work together on everything?
It goes both ways. Sometimes we start ideas alone or sometimes we do it together. It always ends as a collaborative effort though.

Do you have any crazy fans?
Maybe on the internet but we’re not sure if they are real people.

Where do you get most of your inspiration from?
If we knew where to get our inspiration we’d probably have sucked it dry by now.

What advice would you give someone just starting out making music?
Break up with your girlfriend/boyfriend…and probably drop out of school.

Any last words?
Thank you!

Check out The Knocks’ MySpace or Twitter for more info.

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