The Sunbeat Revival

Having just released their awesome new EP, Slow Down My Beating Heart, The Sunbeat Revival subjected themselves to a Can You Hear This interrogation. Check out their website for more information about the band and their great music.

The Sunbeat Revival is an awesome name for a band – where did it come from?

Well it’s never easy picking a band name! We went through some absolute shockers. Something about a viking or something. In the end we thought it gave a good feel for the sound, it rolled well, makes me think of summertime comebacks, whatever that means. It’s better than Razorlight anyway – they sound like shaving foam.

The way your music is put together suggests a good bond between the two of you. How and when did you two meet?

I met Lloyd at college through a mutual friend. He had a peanut shaped head and my arse was two massive planets colliding in a pair of underpants. Nothing’s changed. We all went on holiday together. Our friend Mickey got bitten on the cheek by an old greek woman with 3 teeth. Lloyd started learning guitar, looked far too cool for my liking, and I had this vision of him being served grapes and wine by a dozen hotties. This would have been unacceptable. So I taught myself as well, and we used to get banished to the shed with an oil heater. You could see your breath it was so cold and the strings used to snap all the time! This had nothing to do with us playing like we were sawing wood of course. So we’re more like brothers now, and we could kill each other half the time. But we’re unbreakable and I think one thing we both hold dear is loyalty. Good place to start from I reckon.

When you started out, what were the main artists that influenced your musical style?

Like most kids in the 90s, Oasis were originally a big inspiration. The first chords I learnt (off Lloyd) were ‘D’yer Wanna Be A Spaceman’ I think. Learnt about 3 since then. Ha! That led me in particular to The Stone Roses, The Smiths, Pistols. Then I got bang into Bob Dylan, it was like listening to movies. 60s psych records followed, plus loads of The Beatles, Kinks, Faces. The Nuggets collections. I love pop as well, big choruses. On A Dance Tip 3! Epic. We’re not chin scratchers. Lloyd loves his old blues, the Black Keys. We’re both all over 50s rock n roll too. I massively recommend the Monstrous Psychedelic Bubble Exploding in Your Mind Volume 3!!!! That’s blowing my eyebrows off at the moment (which is no bad thing). I guess just be yourself. Don’t pretend you’re too cool for school. We all know you’ve got a copy of Abba Gold. Mine’s worn out!

Going on tour with the England team must have been awesome. Best moments?

On tour with England allows you to see the world in a pretty unique way. I’m not restricted like the players because no one knows who I am, so I take my guitar and go and write, wander the streets. Take very average photos. Seen some amazing sights and some pretty harrowing ones too. We’ve visited hospitals in the sub-continent, burns units, schools in the caribbean, townships in South Africa. All these experiences and the people you meet have been far more rewarding than the cricket in many ways. Occasional guitar with Swanny and Jimmy Anderson – I seem to remember a cracking jam in Kingston. Like an angelic choir! Been skydiving with a geezer called Brad Rock (has to be a pornstar) and cage diving with Great White sharks. That was an immense privilege. If I could name one place that made me happiest, it’s driving in a jeep at sundown on the east coast of Barbados. As a last breath that’ll do me.

And of the England team; who was the funniest/nicest and most irritable?

They’re all top lads. Seeing Swanny with fake boobs and a wig whilst watching a video message from David Hasselhoff was life-changing. Jimmy is a hero.

Speaking of tours, what are your plans to promote the Sunbeat Revival up the charts?

When I Think Of You (I Smile Neon Light) has now sold in excess of 4000 digital copies which has been amazing really considering no one knows who we are. We know we’ve got good songs – the best ones haven’t even been recorded yet. It was just great that people other than our mates were into it. It’s only in the last 6 months that I’ve started to write with a lot more honesty and I think that comes across. I had a message from one girl who said her Dad passed away last year and that the song really made her feel better and helped her through dark moments. That kind of put a whole new spin on it and really made me think, wow, this is striking a chord with people. So since then we’ve spoken to a number of people, publishing, labels, but it’s about what’s right really.We’re not too keen on dinners with executives or losing too much control. We’re not in it for the money or any of that, although Lloyd could do with a decent haircut. We just love music and would like more people to hear it. It’s a bit frustrating sometimes because I’ve got this record in my head that I know people would love. Hopefully Lloyd will write some more songs as well because he is great with a melody. Gonna be in the studio in April for a week nailing a whole load of new demos. I guess promotion-wise, we’ll be gigging in the summer – we wanna do a show in a field – then record the album as well as produce some videos with this old cinecam we’ve got our hands on. We may do a short film and the soundtrack to that. There’s a strong chance we’ll be doing a small UK tour and then a small European one. Either that or we’ll probably just end up eating chicken and watching Lost all summer.

If you’re house was burning down, which item would you grab and why?

I have a box where I keep all the things I can never replace. Corks from special nights, necklaces, letters. The rest can burn.

Favourite songs?

Favourites songs….impossible!! It’s 1am….so it’s melancholic….ish

Tangled Up In Blue – Bob Dylan

Here Comes The Sun – James Last

Connection – Elastica

Finding You – The Go Betweens

Shine A Light – Rolling Stones

Rave On – Buddy Holly

Strawberry Fields Forever – The Beatles

Elephant Stone – The Stone Roses

Chi Mai – Ennio Morricone

Nessun Dorma – Pavarotti

Reign – UNKLE

At My Most Beautiful – REM

River – Joni Mitchell

In Your Veins – The Soundtrack of Our Lives

This is the Sea – The Waterboys

God Moving Over the Face of the Waters – Moby

Have you got any weird talents or skills?

I can do a mean Smeagol impression – there’s a whole song recording somewhere. And Lloyd has a rubber face. Best expressions ever. And we are both salsa champions. Athough not together. Well, not since the trouser incident in Sweden.

Strangest/funniest thing you’ve experienced as the Sunbeat Revival?

Getting treated like VIP’s in Gothenberg because we said we were the Verve. Both giggling and pissed. They were so delighted we were there, they made me get up and play a few songs…I dropped the bloke’s guitar halfway through Lucky Man. There’s video footage somewhere….I think that was the same night that Lloyd split his trousers from front wasteband to back. Oh, and the anthrax night where I saved Lloyd’s life three times. You’ll have to ask him. Everything else is unprintable.

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  1. lloyd March 4, 2011 at 11:26 am #

    That peanut thing looks like some kind of small penis innuendo. Brilliant.

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