The Ruse

Can You Hear This: First off, how did you come up with the band name The Ruse. Is there a story behind it?

We have always felt that “chasing the dream” in the music biz is a bit of a fallacy. So, naming our band “The Ruse” was a small way for us to comment on that idea. As in- “There may be no big payoff for all of this, but screw it, we’re doing it anyway”.

CYHT: Which musicians influenced you most when you were starting out?

U2, Death Cab, The Police and Jodeci. Also, if you listen closely, you will hear some Tony Toni Tone in our beats.

CYHT: Do you get on well as a band?

We do. We’ve been in this band since 2004, so we’ve sort of worked out all the kinks. We are now like an old married couple with nothing left to say to each other so we might as well all go get drunk.

CYHT: What is the best gig you’ve ever done and why?

Rebel Sound Records in Pittsfield MA. We played for a 350 lb. guy in a motorized scooter in the back of a record store- no one else was there. That guy got his faced rocked off, private show style.

CYHT: How did you all meet one another?

Jim, John and Jason have known each other since Elementary school. Been friends for a really long time. Mark (bass player) was a friend from college.

CYHT: Do you have any other hobbies or interests apart from music?

We like to go to see our friends play in other bands. Lots of good music out here in Los Angeles, and on every night there is something going on. We also enjoy sledding.

CYHT: Where do you get your inspiration to write music?

We get a lot of inspiration from where we are living. Right now, that is Los Angeles. You never know what you are going to see out here on a day to day basis. Police car chases,earthquakes, crazy dudes in the street, “actresses”- it all goes into a big stew and comes out as new material.

CYHT: Who is the funniest member of the band?

John (the singer). He does an amazing Chris Rock impression. Lots of people think he should do standup. We think his humor comes from the fact that he was a pretty unattractive child growing up, so he had to develop a quick wit as a defense mechanism.

CYHT: Do you have any weird stories about fans or tours?

We have a fan that just got a tattoo of lyrics from our song “Swallow You” on the back of her neck last week. We were all very excited about that. Hope she doesn’t have second thoughts if one us goes to jail in 20 years for running a pyramid scheme or something like that.

CYHT: What is your favourite song that you have written?

Swallow You. Cause it led to the aforementioned neck tattoo.

CYHT: Who has the best and worse dress sense in the band?

Best- Jim (guitar). Pretty much can pull off any look from “Overweight and uncomfortable” to “Sweaty and unhappy to be there”.

Worst- Mark (bass). He wore a “newpaper boy” hat last week.

CYHT: Who is your favourite current musician?

Dave Mustaine of Megadeath. Is he current though?

Check out The Ruse Official Website for more information

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