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Walkaway – Cast

24 Jul

This is a Britpop epic and definitely deserves a listen from all of your lovely ears.

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Stay Away – The Honorary Title

18 Jul

I think we’re all lying if we pretend we don’t get this in some way. We’ve all been seduced and ended up in a state of hyper wariness. I remind myself of this song to save my feelings from more destruction… Continue reading

Such Great Heights – The Postal Service

14 Jul

Can a song be perfect? Find out why this one is and always will be after the jump. Continue reading

Ask – The Smiths

13 Jul

The Smiths are pretty much the greatest Britpop band of all time. If you haven’t bought their entire catalog and listened through completely, you really ought to (that seemed to be ramping up to something more than it did). Continue reading

How Long – The View

11 Jul

You know I always have loved The View. Who doesn’t love Scottish man children that below out songs that beg to be danced to. Answer – most of the public since 2007 but WHATEVER… (sob) Continue reading

The Theory Of Relativity – Stars

8 Jul

Stars have a new album. Amazingly it’s their sixth and it will be called The North. Their ludicrously catchy first single is right below!

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The Re-Arranger – Mates Of State

7 Jul

I’m back. And I’m back fucking hate all things pop. 24-7 Tulisa is enough to drive anyone to such a conclusion to be honest. So now you have to deal with me indulging in my one and only musical love – the (moderately) obscure. Continue reading

Nunca – Trails & Ways

29 Jun

Goodbye for the week from me. I’ll leave you with a real summer corker. Continue reading

Can’t Control At All – Mind Fish

27 Jun

Well this an unexpected treat on a Wednesday!

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Facedown – The 1975

26 Jun

Lead singer of The 1975, Matt Healy

It’s finally starting. The 1975 are beginning their inevitable road to huge success (here’s hoping).

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