Kuntry Munkey

Shaun: Yo man waddup? I’m a huge fan. I wanted to ask you who are your biggest influences in music?

Kuntry Munkey: Yowmin what’s up Shaun? Glad you like the music man. I would have to say I was really influenced by Eminem and Dr Dro to be totally honest. I’m a fan of how they use their vocabulary!

Mainstar: Yo, zup man? When did you start with music and how did it happen? Peace.

KM: Yowmin what’s happenin Mainstar? Good question. I started when I was 17 with a good friend of mine. I wasn’t really good at it, but I wasn’t horrible if you know what I mean (laughs). After about a year of some major life changes, I kinda snapped into a new state of mind and started challenging myself writing lyrics to all types of songs. Country, pop, reggae, you name it. I was all in yowmin.

Anonymous: Hey I have a question. How do you plan on staying a great artist? Your songs sound good, how do you think they will always be as good?

KM: Well the way I plan to continue to do that is to fill my life with positive things as much as possible. The people that I have in it right now are a wonderful help. I’m meeting awesome new fans every day, so the more they tell me they love my music, I love it a tad more. So I think that, with me always trying to achieve my goal of making music that people can relate to and love, I’ll be here for a long time to come.

Camia: Hey Boo! I love tattoos, so how many do you have, because it looks like a lot! And is there a special lady in your life? Are you signed to a label or what?

KM: Hey thanks for writing me. That’s another good question that I get occasionally. I don’t actually know to be honest (laughs). I just know that I’m always adding one. But I think I got over 50 taking a guess at it. A lot of them go together as themes tho yowmin. Yeah I do have a special lady in my life. As far as the label goes, no not right now. A lot of people think I am already so I take that as a great compliment but when it happens you’ll be hearing my voice and seeing my face a lot more.

Ni Ni: I’m a fan of your music. I have realised that you are very interactive with your fans. The question is, do you feel like if you make it like super big that you’d continue with the one-on-one communication that you do now? Also, what advice would you give someone that wants to sing, but doesn’t know how to start?

KM: Hey now I bet that’s a question for the hall of fame that everybody gets asked (laughs). I’m going to be totally honest, I am going to try my hardest to write everybody back when they message me. But I’m only normal so I’m going to have my real fans who will be like favorites that I get back to first. Say someone like you…. and about the singing most people start in the shower and end up taking lessons. If your really dedicated you can do it. Just remember to never give up.

Fairly Smashed (Chris Lange): I listened to Overdrive. I personally really enjoyed it! Which one of In My Zone and Overdrive is your favorite? What inspired them?

KM: Hey what’s up Chris man! I’m super glad you liked the music yowmin. As far as favorite goes, bra I love them both. It depends on where I’m at, say like if I’m riding to the beach I’ll play In My Zone more and if I’m just cruising the city I definitely listen to Overdrive the most. The feeling of being the “you” that people want to be all the time but are nervous to show it inspired In My Zone. I’ve met a lot of girls on the web and all of them like comments on there looks and such, so I decided to make a song for every female stating that they are a prime example of sexy.

Amirah: I’m a big fan of yours, love the tattoos. What age did you start to sing? Did you have any competition?

KM: Hi, glad you like my music and tats (laughs). I started writing when I was 17. I wasn’t that great, but I improved over the years. As far as the competition goes, I chose to stay out of it honestly. I want to make music with a lot of people from different styles of music. So I really just focus on me to avoid clashing with anybody yowmin. Cool question.

MNH: Who is your favourite singer and would you like to sing with him?

KM: Hey man, singer wise I would have to say the singer from Coheed and Cambria! The boy got a voice on him! I would do a song with them any day. If you haven’t heard their song Wake Up go jam it man! I’m walking down the aisle on that song.

Shannon: I was just wondering why you wanted your name to be Kuntry Munkey?!

KM: Well where I’m from people say we talk funny and country because we dont pronounce words properly most of the time. Yowmin so that’s where ‘Kuntry’ came from but as far as ‘Munkey’… Well I’ve been known to act wild like a monkey from time to time (laughs) so I put it together and Kuntry Munkey was born. My quote: “I’m the hottest rapper comin straight up out the bama I said it once before I make da munkeys go bananas”

The interview is now over. Thanks to everyone who contributed.

2 Responses to “Kuntry Munkey”

  1. Christina Laub September 22, 2010 at 2:43 am #

    How did you first start your carrer with music?

    • Kuntry Munkey October 19, 2010 at 10:59 am #

      Hey Christina basically by playin around really wanting to make music and have some fun with some friends of mine who were better than me. Joked around a bit took me all day to write verses but I eventually got it down packed lol

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