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A Career Retropspective Of This Katy Perry Thing

5 Jul

I made a collage. And I liked it. Seriously, I love a collage.

I’m leaving on vacation tomorrow! I’ll be back the end of July and then for three weeks in August. I’m away but never truly gone (seriously, I have posts lined up). Anyway, today is also a good day because a) it’s Thursday! and b) it’s (one of) our artists of 2011’s film premiere. Katy Perry’s Part of Me opens today and I’m heading to learn about the path to super stardom with my sister. I’m super pumped which, given some of these descriptions, isn’t surprising. Quite simply, I think Perry’s one of the most intelligent, inspiring and unique singer-songwriters of our generation. Let’s check out some of these tunes, shall we?

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I Kissed A Girl – William Fitzsimmons

5 Feb
William: Beardy

Happy Sunday y’all. Sorry for the lack of 10 TILAP: I’m a failure, a loser and a goodfernothin’ fool. Anyway, enjoy this nice little cover of Katy Perry’s I Kissed A Girl. Slight problem with how they change the lyrics: When will people learn that that is so needless! Likely never but whatevs, enjoy:

Pleasing Glee cover after the jump:

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