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We Owned The Night (Cover) – fun.

12 Jul

LOOK at them. I dare you not to smile profusely.

Wasn’t it funny when Gary from Take That and Cheryl from Cheryl Cole sang a Lady Antebellum song at the Jubilliethingymabob? Really sweet but  . . . unexpected. Anyway, I’ve been featuring a lot of live sessions recently so decided to steamroll on. fun. is one of the my favourite bands of like, ever and I’m dying/praying/hoping against hope to see them this summer. Somehow. Somewhere. They’re fantastic creators of music but their covers are so very good. Here’s their cover of Lady Antebellum’s We Owned The Night. It’s superb. Superbly superb (heat’s getting to me). There’s an acoustic version of All The Pretty Girls after the jump. Lucky you:

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Love Will Tear Us Apart – Joy Division

23 May

I watched Control again on the weekend. Sam Riley is amazing, Joy Division’s music is amazing and the movie is amazing.

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Glee’s Graduating!

22 May

Class of 2012

This might be one of the only times I’ve ever stuck to a plan. Ever ever. I’ve already said this but it bears reiterating: I am graduating concurrently with the Glee kids! They’re like my Harry Potter (whose students grew up, for the first four books, in my sister’s year). It’s fair to say that I’ll be fairly emotionally invested come Thursday night (spurred on by fun.’s latest album. Speaking of, can we have some consensus vis a vis their name? I say fun. but others say FUN. or just simply ‘fun’ or even ‘Fun’.) Anyway, Glee’s released an album specifically for graduation and it’s a nice way to end the three seasons. Review after the jump:

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The Voice UK: Love The Way You Lie – Bo Bruce

20 May

Bo Bruce/Lady Catherine Brudenell-Bruce

Morning! I kept my promise so happy Sundays all round. Here’s Bo Bruce, probably one of my favourite contestants on The Voice (although my favourites keep being eliminated so maybe she doesn’t want that honour):

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19 May



Another week beat! Take that, school work! It’s been fairly exhausting but I’ve been on a high (legal) for the last two days because of how damn cheery Glee was! It’s funny growing up with a pop culture phenom where the kids in it are the same age (fictionally) as yourself. They’re graduating next week and so am I! Crazy. They covered Grouplove’s (Group Love, GroupLove, GROUPLOVE?) Tongue Tied which is a fantastic song. Michael covered the band’s Colours yonks ago. The cover (and accompanying scene) was perfect and it’s the perfect perfect song to get you through work/parties this weekend. I’m firmly ensconced in the former’s camp. Original below. Glee after the jump.

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Somebody That I Used To Know – fun.

17 May

sun. sun. sun.

Double time! My favourite band of the year (?) have covered the stand-out hit from 2012, Somebody That I Used To Know. You might’ve heard it. It’s everywhere. Also everywhere: fun.’s We Are Young. Below are the results of mixing two of the biggest artists of 2k12:


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Shake It Out – Glee Cast

8 May

This is how it went down.

I really like Florence +/&/and The Machine but I don’t think I ever really talk about her all that much on the website. I don’t quite know why that is, so here’s a list of other artists I really enjoy but talk about all that much: Snoop Dogg, Hanson and Taylor Swift. Anyway, one of my favourite Florence songs was covered on Glee this week! Pretty exciting. Even better is that it was a beautiful arrangement and featured Tina! Tina never gets songs! Glory, glory, glory. There’s a seriously spoilery musician in the background between Santana and Tina whose smile almost steals this song:

Full, unedited song after the jump (but minus Santana- sad face):

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The Voice UK: Good Luck – Becky Hill

6 May

Always handy with a microphone. Seriously.

Well, jeez: I guess I really like what Michael and I did, too. Michael chose David Julien (East London’s answer to Matt Cardle) as his pick of the week. He was great but my favourite of the competition, Becky Hill performed just after him (I think – the show’s a disorientating blur of red, umbrellas and Reggie Yates). She killed it a fortnight ago with Irreplaceable and her ‘Good Luck’ – a pretty difficult song to cover – was awesome. Watch after the jump:

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The Voice UK: Sweet Disposition – David Julien

6 May

I really liked what Henry and I did last week featuring a couple of the singers from The Voice who we found most impressive so we’re going to have a go at making it a little feature.

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The Top 40. In 14 Minutes. On Piano.

4 May

He’s young. I’m young. He’s just more talented.

How were your Fridays? Mine was dreadful. But two surprise essays, one singing competition and a Latin test later, and I’m alive. Anyway, Alfie Magliano is a 14 year old kid who’s about to make you feel way under accomplished. He’s a crazy good piano player (the best type of piano player) and he’s played out samples of the Top 40 on his instrument (percussion . . . not anything else). Fun game: Close your eyes and see how many songs you can remember. Or not, just listen after the jump:

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