Catching Up With That Glee Thing

9 Apr

Howdy! Hope you’re all enjoying Monday. I finished The Perks of Being a Wallflower (capitalisation has never been my friend) on Friday night; it left me emotionally drained for the weekend. Seriously. I won’t divulge my thoughts because a) this is ostensibly a music blog and b) I lent it to my sister and want her to read it before I spoil anything. I’m sweeping through Young Adult literature and I’ll stop reading it when I stop being a young adult, okay? Elsewhere, my current album of the moment is Christina Aguilera’s Stripped. It’s weird that I really only listen to albums at a time (2 weeks ago, I had fun., last week was Taylor, now Xtina) but I found it a more immersive way to familiarise oneself with an artist. Jeez, douche alert. Else elsewhere: Glee. They’ve released all new songs from this week’s upcoming episode, Big Brother. Some deets; Matt Bomer is Darren Criss’ older bro, Quinn had that car-crash (remember?) and Tina wants a song. WELL WE CAN’T ALWAYS GET WHAT WE WANT, CAN WE TINA? Some songs for you, after the jump:

Before we start, I had so many puns for this post. ‘Oh brother!’ and some joke about Darren Criss’s older brother being in a band were involved. OK, so I had 2 jokes but that’s more than usual. Everyone’s favourite song (about which we were blogging in October. October) has been covered by Darren Criss and Matt Bomer. Check it out, below:

Okay, I hear ya. Isn’t this the song about break-ups and aren’t they brothers? Well, yes. But a song’s fluid and it only matters that Glee chose to present it as a backdrop for fraternal discord, just as Gotye presented it as a break-up tune. Sure, many would see the latter as a more validated version (seeing as he wrote it originally) but once you sell those rights on to someone else, they can do whatever they want with it (see: Run, Joey, Run.) I still love Army of 3’s version because I am a complete and utter sucker for Ingrid Michaelson and everything she does. DC also covered Xtina this week, complete with spoken introduction:

I like this. It takes a lot to cover a Christina song because, well, she’s Christina. But Darren Criss brings more than enough angst. Man, he must have caught a glimpse of my revision schedule (seriously taking over my life.) See you soon:

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