Smooth Criminal – Glee Cast

8 Feb

Dianna Agron: She seems happy about the Gleecap's return.

After a quick trawl through Sky’s website, I’ve realised that Glee is only returning in the Spring because people found it difficult to follow the series in the U.K because it’s so broken up (owing to America’s sports fixtures.) Fine, it’s not like there’s an invention called Series Link or anything. Anyway, as that’s ages away, I’ve decided to start Gleecapping American style. Join me next Wednesday night for our weekly installment. Looking forward to seeing ‘ye. Heads up: Next Tuesday, I’ll do a super concise Gleecap of the last three episodes. I know, I know. This truly is too much on my behalf. What can I say, I love you.

Smooth Criminal – Glee Cast


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