19 May



Another week beat! Take that, school work! It’s been fairly exhausting but I’ve been on a high (legal) for the last two days because of how damn cheery Glee was! It’s funny growing up with a pop culture phenom where the kids in it are the same age (fictionally) as yourself. They’re graduating next week and so am I! Crazy. They covered Grouplove’s (Group Love, GroupLove, GROUPLOVE?) Tongue Tied which is a fantastic song. Michael covered the band’s Colours yonks ago. The cover (and accompanying scene) was perfect and it’s the perfect perfect song to get you through work/parties this weekend. I’m firmly ensconced in the former’s camp. Original below. Glee after the jump.

Glee have absolutely been killing it with song choices this season!

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  1. Glee’s Graduating! « Can You Hear This - May 22, 2012

    […] I’v e reviewed Tonguetied (which bizarrely wasn’t in this album but was in Nationals) here and another favourite of this album, We Are Young, was reviewed back here. Man, I love […]

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