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Somebody That I Used To Know – fun.

17 May

sun. sun. sun.

Double time! My favourite band of the year (?) have covered the stand-out hit from 2012, Somebody That I Used To Know. You might’ve heard it. It’s everywhere. Also everywhere: fun.’s We Are Young. Below are the results of mixing two of the biggest artists of 2k12:


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Checking in on the iTunes charts

13 Apr

Thank whomever you want to for those shorts.

Increasingly all the music to which I listen is fairly old – and therefore boring (for blog purposes) – so I ventured into the iTunes top 10 for you guys today. Here’s what I learnt:

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Catching Up With That Glee Thing

9 Apr

Howdy! Hope you’re all enjoying Monday. I finished The Perks of Being a Wallflower (capitalisation has never been my friend) on Friday night; it left me emotionally drained for the weekend. Seriously. I won’t divulge my thoughts because a) this is ostensibly a music blog and b) I lent it to my sister and want her to read it before I spoil anything. I’m sweeping through Young Adult literature and I’ll stop reading it when I stop being a young adult, okay? Elsewhere, my current album of the moment is Christina Aguilera’s Stripped. It’s weird that I really only listen to albums at a time (2 weeks ago, I had fun., last week was Taylor, now Xtina) but I found it a more immersive way to familiarise oneself with an artist. Jeez, douche alert. Else elsewhere: Glee. They’ve released all new songs from this week’s upcoming episode, Big Brother. Some deets; Matt Bomer is Darren Criss’ older bro, Quinn had that car-crash (remember?) and Tina wants a song. WELL WE CAN’T ALWAYS GET WHAT WE WANT, CAN WE TINA? Some songs for you, after the jump:

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Somebody That I Used To Know – Gotye

20 Sep

Gotye Catch 'Em All: Gotye's in the eye of the hurricane. Or something metaphorical.

By now, you should know I like to tell you the real names of artists I write about. I feel it adds to the appreciation of the music because it gives you a sense of the artist as a human… Yeah, I can’t finish that off. The truth is, sometimes their names are funny (here’s looking at you Dido and Lykke Li). Today we have Gotye or Wouter “Wally” De Backer. I actually think De Backer is a pretty cool name but it’s harder to make Pokemon tagline-based jokes so we’ll stick with Gotye. A quick summary of Mr De Backer’s life: He’s a ‘Belgian-Australian multi-instrumental musician and singer-songwriter,’ who’s released three studio solo albums and another three in his ‘indie-pop’ band, The Basics. Listen up, Wikipedia. I love you and your sections about books I haven’t read but have pretended to but the description ‘indie-pop’ is so oxymoronic it could fit into a Shakespeare play. Or at the very least, a modern, hip version of Romeo and Juliet. Someone should get on tha- wait, what do you mean? One Baz Luhrmann has already conceived my idea? Oh well, there’s always that fall back plan of a 3-D version of The Great Gatsby I was concocting.

But back to Gotye. I’m surprised Jonah hasn’t blogged about him as he seems to fit a certain electronic musician type. There are echoes of Miike Snow, Bon Iver, The xx, and Arcade Fire but really he’s created a unique sound. At times it’s moody and atmospheric, at others it’s beautifully upbeat. Here’s Bronte, one of my favourite tracks from his latest album, Making Mirrors which hit number 1 in the Australian charts (and here I was thinking all they listened to was The Veronicas and Rolf Harris) :

The break-out single from Making Mirrors is Somebody That I Used To Know, a pretty beautiful break-up song. Here’s the thing, the subject matter of the song is quite cliche. In the hands of another artist we’d probably get a song about how he got over said-ex by hooking up in a club by the speakers after 4 mojitos. There’s nothing wrong with that (really, most of my Saturdays Thursdays are comprised of mojitos and clubbing) but Gotye’s version is a very different take. Exhibit A:

I know you don’t think you did me wrong
And I can’t stay this mad for long
Keeping a hold of what you just let go
You’re just somebody that I used to know

Mixing the sentimental with the ice cold. Pretty remarkable eh? Also remarkable: how fresh this song feels given its’ worked and reworked theme. In fact, most of Gotye’s music has a refreshing aspect much like recently blogged about Washed Out‘s. Maybe after the heady, sweaty days of summer, we need some heartbreak to bring us down to earth and clean us out. Listen, please and fall in love. Another thing to love, the inclusion of New Zealand singer/songwriter Kimbra Jones in the song. It’s always good to remind there are two people in a relationship, in this case that the woman was probably not quite as awful as the man paints her. One-sided misogyny: bad. Gender equality within pop music: good. Here’s the video: