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Will Justin Bieber Ever Achieve That Number One?

6 Jul

‘Baby, baby, baby, where’s my number one?’

We live in a strange, strange world. The most followed people on Twitter are all pop stars. Okay, that’s not that strange (and I find it pretty heartening). What is strange, though is that the most followed, Lady GaGa (twenty six million) has three and the third most followed, Katy Perry (twenty two million) has seven. Sandwiched between these two leading ladies of pop is Justin Bieber who has . . . no number one singles. Okay, that’s hardly the end of the world, he has a handful (Boyfriend, Baby and Never Say Never) that have reached top ten and even more number one albums and he still has 24,250,060 more followers on twitter than me. But that astounding success makes his failure to achieve a number one single even more startling. That his tutee, Carly Rae, has run around at number one with Call Me Maybe for a few weeks now makes that even more dramatic (in the world I’m speaking about anyway). That little introduction was all to say, read this article by Chris Molanphy from the Village Voice. It’s both insightful and compelling and adds a layer of nuance that the Billboard 100 isn’t often granted. 

It’s a detailed look into the world of Hot 100 pop that paints a more ambiguous picture than previously imagined. Seriously. And if there were ever a single to reach number one, I wish it has been Boyfriend. It’s just a really sophisticated track. Listen below and throw away any reductive, pre-conceived ideas you had about Justin Bieber now, please: 

Miracle – Ghost Beach

28 May


Sorry for not posting in the later days of last week but excuses are boring so let’s move on. Ghost Beach are a duo from NYC and Miracle is everything I love in a song. It’s got a killer electric groove, heartfelt lyrics and brilliant pop flashes. I’ve fallen in love; you should, too:

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Cough Syrup – Darren Criss

18 Feb

Glee: And apologies (not always hand-in-hand)

Man, I know most of my posts lately read like one long apology but once more unto the breach, dear friends. Once more: I apologise. I’ve been in the country all week without a laptop/internet, spending my time learning to drive/riding horses which has left me a fairly competent driver and emotionally crippled after watching War Horse. Anyway, one of my failures this week was to not catch everyone up with a Gleecap. I’m smacking my hands for you guys, don’t worry. As Glee (in the U.S) has one more episode and is then taking (another!) hiatus, I thought I’d round up all of this year’s five episodes so we’re all fresh for its return. In the mean time, new Glee music. Here’s the original, Gleeview after the jump:

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Smooth Criminal – Glee Cast

8 Feb

Dianna Agron: She seems happy about the Gleecap's return.

After a quick trawl through Sky’s website, I’ve realised that Glee is only returning in the Spring because people found it difficult to follow the series in the U.K because it’s so broken up (owing to America’s sports fixtures.) Fine, it’s not like there’s an invention called Series Link or anything. Anyway, as that’s ages away, I’ve decided to start Gleecapping American style. Join me next Wednesday night for our weekly installment. Looking forward to seeing ‘ye. Heads up: Next Tuesday, I’ll do a super concise Gleecap of the last three episodes. I know, I know. This truly is too much on my behalf. What can I say, I love you.

Smooth Criminal – Glee Cast


Hey Girl – Zooey Deschanel

8 Feb

Zooey Deschanel: Yep, still perfect.

Have you been watching New Girl? We have (Michael and myself, anyway.) Apart from boasting the impossibly cute Zooey Deschanel, the show is pretty funny and more coherent by the episode. Anyway, what really brings a smile to my face every week is the theme tune which is sadly shortened in the show, as they released a full length sound track earlier on in the season. No fear though, y’all. Here’s a full length cast video:

Pretty good for a Wednesday, right? Other Zooey news after the jump.

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Summertime Sadness – Lana Del Rey

31 Jan
Surprisingly chipper for this particular post.

Surprisingly chipper for this particular post.

I start off this week, as ever in my life, with an apology. Sorry for the lack of 10 Things I Love About Pop on Saturday. I went out on Friday night and well, that’s enough of an explanation. I did, however meet some awesome people so all’s not lost? Worst apology ever. After a productive team meeting, we’re now established a rota to which I’ll be sticking ruthlessly. For two weeks. Anyway, this week I thought I’d be nice and methodical (because, sometimes I have to be) and blog a few tracks of Lana Del Rey’s debut album. We’re on the backlash to the backlash of her original backlash, which a ride that would give anyone whiplash. And look, I was pretty disappointed after reading Stereogum’s review but the good news is that I bear no such feelings shared by that author. The Times called it a tour de force which, albeit hyperbolic, is closer to how I actually feel. Actual review and no tangential information after the jump:

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Without You – Glee Cast

25 Jan

Wanna Start Gleecappin': I miss those kooky kids

Yo, yo, yo. If any of you were wondering what’s happened to our Weekly Gleecap, let me recap you. Glee’s off-air right now in Britain but back in the U.S of A. As we’re U.K based (and internet streaming is illegal, you guys), we’re going to follow the U.K timetable. The good news is that Sky tells me it will be back early 2012 (which I’m taking to mean late Jan/early Feb.) Better news: America has only aired one episode and are taking a break this week in anticipation for next week’s MJ episode. SO WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN, HENRY. Just relax, we’ll be back blogging it soon and hopefully we won’t be too far behind America. Gleecapping and world politics, not as different as it first seems. Anyway, to fill you in, here’s a Guetta/Usher cover by Lea Michele. It’s quite breathtaking (Darren Criss covers MJ after the jump):

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Stupid Hoe – Nicki Minaj

10 Jan

I thought you were bringing the sick ass beats: Nicki and Jay Sean.

I should currently be doing a Latin essay- let’s let that slide, shall we? Here’s a new Nicki Minaj song for you:

This is difficult to like. It’s got a lot of noises that seem determined to makes the sales of Nurofen to rocket. Underneath the all-honking, all-beeping surface, there’s some pretty endearing Minaj there. It won’t convert anyone who is Nicki-averse but there’s enough of the genial expressive nonsense that won the rest of us over from the beginning to keep you entertained. An old (well, 2010) slice of Nicki after the jump: 

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Bullet – Katy Perry

4 Jan

Howdy! 2012 has been the year where I’ve been indisputably Sherlocked. I like, and can easily separate both versions. Guy Ritchie’s is a fast-paced, rompy caper. And Moffat’s version is a fast-paced, rompy caper. Okay, there are a few distinctions but when you boil both Sherlocks down, they contain a little heart a lot fun.

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We Are Young – fun. ft. Janelle Monae

3 Jan

Kids These Days: Fun. Fun. Fun.

Hey! Welcome to 2012. I have a feeling this year’s going to be really good. I also have a feeling that I say that every year but it’s never bad to start with a bit of optimism. One reason to make you feel gleeful: We Are Young has been given an official video. A few more reasons: There’s plenty of slow-motion shots, Janelle Monae being Janelle Monae and a giant beanie Dog being ripped apart. Hey, whatever floats your boat. It’s an awesome start to the musical year and I hope fun. find mainstream success. The video’s below, and Glee’s version is after the jump. It’s really worth watching. Happy New Year!

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