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Tongue Tied (Live) – Grouplove

10 Jul


We have a serious love of Grouplove at the blog and it’s not surprising that they crop up so regularly in summer months. Their album is tailor made for scorching summer days with your mates, cruising across America or chilling on a beach. They speak to teendom (slumber parties, getting high) and the allure of summer (check out their video for ‘Spun’). Here’s a live session of my favourite of their songs, Tongue Tied. It’s perfect and amazing to see just how much fun they’re having:


19 May



Another week beat! Take that, school work! It’s been fairly exhausting but I’ve been on a high (legal) for the last two days because of how damn cheery Glee was! It’s funny growing up with a pop culture phenom where the kids in it are the same age (fictionally) as yourself. They’re graduating next week and so am I! Crazy. They covered Grouplove’s (Group Love, GroupLove, GROUPLOVE?) Tongue Tied which is a fantastic song. Michael covered the band’s Colours yonks ago. The cover (and accompanying scene) was perfect and it’s the perfect perfect song to get you through work/parties this weekend. I’m firmly ensconced in the former’s camp. Original below. Glee after the jump.

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