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We Owned The Night (Cover) – fun.

12 Jul

LOOK at them. I dare you not to smile profusely.

Wasn’t it funny when Gary from Take That and Cheryl from Cheryl Cole sang a Lady Antebellum song at the Jubilliethingymabob? Really sweet but  . . . unexpected. Anyway, I’ve been featuring a lot of live sessions recently so decided to steamroll on. fun. is one of the my favourite bands of like, ever and I’m dying/praying/hoping against hope to see them this summer. Somehow. Somewhere. They’re fantastic creators of music but their covers are so very good. Here’s their cover of Lady Antebellum’s We Owned The Night. It’s superb. Superbly superb (heat’s getting to me). There’s an acoustic version of All The Pretty Girls after the jump. Lucky you:

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Checking in on the iTunes chart: Part Two

3 Jul

Upgrade your cell plan, already.

Howdy, howdy. They say that in summer time, a music listener’s heart turns to pop. Okay, they don’t say that but for the purpose of this article: They do. A while ago, I checked in on the iTunes chart for some rigorous analysis (read: six bullet points) but it was fun! Right? Well our stats for that day certainly say it was so let’s delve into those murky depths once more!

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Some Nights (Now With Added Video)

7 Jun

N-Dawg (Nate)

Howdy co-mates in (blog) exile! A while back, I posted about fun.’s Some Nights and noted that it was an  ‘obvious follow-up from We Are Young.’ Well. I was right. They just released the video and it’s one of the best music videos that I’ve seen in the last few years. It’s powerful, urgent and urgently sincere. It merges war with an delicate love story, combined with military bombast and a few beautiful conceits (bath-time reading, hand running along fences). Look, you just have to watch this thing:

Man, I can’t quite express how much I love this song (and album).It’s here that I also note how much of an unremitting fan I’ve recently become of fun., Nate, Andrew and Jack. They’re both inspirational and artistically gifted; what’s more, they’re both of those things while staying hugely grounded. That’s what I gather from the 56 video interviews I’ve watched of them. Before I became so well-versed in their music, I noted that there were ‘overtones of Bohemian Rhapsody’ mixed in there. Turns out they’re huge Queen fans. So there you go. I’m both creepy and prophetic. A true Cassandra. 

Breezing through my Summer playlist: fun., Andrew Bird and some rock.

1 Jun

Summer! Also: Get well soon, KoL

Exams are conspiring to make this the least fun few weeks of my life. That means posting is likely to become grouchy/irregular. I thought about just posting some playlists of mine over the coming weeks with a few comments. Then I realised that would be incredibly lazy. Then I thought, it’s still lazy but I’m going to do it. And as a reminder, we compiled a summer-ready playlist for you last year; it’s worth checking out. Enjoy these next few weeks. If you have exams, bear with it; if not, bear with whatever ‘it’ you have:

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Somebody That I Used To Know – fun.

17 May

sun. sun. sun.

Double time! My favourite band of the year (?) have covered the stand-out hit from 2012, Somebody That I Used To Know. You might’ve heard it. It’s everywhere. Also everywhere: fun.’s We Are Young. Below are the results of mixing two of the biggest artists of 2k12:


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Stars – fun.

17 May


I just can’t get enough of this band. I’ve been banned from playing them in art class – fair enough as I control the speaker – so I’ve taken to the site to sing their praises. Some Nights has a magical quality; it creates poignant, touching moments in time as well as speaking to a much greater scope. It perfectly merges the sublime with the mundane on both a personal and generalised level. It’s practically perfect in every single way. Listen to it. Love it. Put it on your end-of-year lists:

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Checking in on the iTunes charts

13 Apr

Thank whomever you want to for those shorts.

Increasingly all the music to which I listen is fairly old – and therefore boring (for blog purposes) – so I ventured into the iTunes top 10 for you guys today. Here’s what I learnt:

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Some Nights – fun.

5 Apr
fun.: The

fun.: The best band name since happy.

Sorry! I’ve been trying to organise my life. Anyway, here’s some new music. If you read my personal Tumblr (it’s kinda fun!), you’ll know I’m a big fan of these guys. I first came across them on Glee (because, where else) and immediately fell for their current Number 1, We Are Young featuring Janelle Monae’s spangly vocals. They’re awesome and produce should-be-rock-but-is-actually-kinda-pop music; my favourite! They fill me with a bizarro, hyper-contemplative energy that makes me want to dance around my room like a Taylor Swift video and simultaneously reconsider all aspects of my life. Exhibit A:

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Pleased To Meet You – Mind Fish

25 Jan

So, a deviation from my usual postings into something, well, obscurer. Like the introvert who gently acclimatises to a new social situation, on first hearing the lyrics to Pleased To Meet You seemed awkward in their 90s wacky throwback:

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10 Things I Love About Pop

7 Jan
KP, LMFAO and RiRi: 2011, it's like we never left 'ye.

KP, LMFAO and RiRi: 2011, it’s like we never left ‘ye.

Welcome to 10 Things I Love About Pop: 2012! Or, 10 Things I Loved About Pop In The Year The World Was Supposed To End. Whatever works for you. Let’s have some good news anyway, shall we? Michael and Jonah have both returned to the blog: Good for fans of Drake and indie bands respectively (more news from them later) and great news for Henry’s energy levels. There’s only so many unreleased Katy Perry demos one can write about. So let’s head into another year of pop music, head’s high and smiling. It’s as glossy and slightly disconcerting as ever and we’re going to have a lot of fun analyzing it. Enjoy:

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