Some Nights – fun.

5 Apr
fun.: The

fun.: The best band name since happy.

Sorry! I’ve been trying to organise my life. Anyway, here’s some new music. If you read my personal Tumblr (it’s kinda fun!), you’ll know I’m a big fan of these guys. I first came across them on Glee (because, where else) and immediately fell for their current Number 1, We Are Young featuring Janelle Monae’s spangly vocals. They’re awesome and produce should-be-rock-but-is-actually-kinda-pop music; my favourite! They fill me with a bizarro, hyper-contemplative energy that makes me want to dance around my room like a Taylor Swift video and simultaneously reconsider all aspects of my life. Exhibit A:

The eponymous track seems like an obvious follow-up from We Are Young (here’s hoping!) because it’s awesome. Beneath those silky, fantastically individual vocals, there lurks a darker sound that grows throughout the record. Some Nights open with the bombast of Gotye’s I Feel Better merged with overtones of Bohemian Rhapsody but soon spirals into the confessions of an overly G&T-d twentysomething. There’s a confessional style running through the album, lending it an introspective quality. But that’s probably what’s so great about Some Nights; you can read whatever you want into it. It’s either a joyous pop record for your bedroom, or (and these things aren’t mutually exclusive) something deeper to listen to … in your bedroom. Enjoy:

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    […] co-mates in (blog) exile! A while back, I posted about fun.’s Some Nights and noted that it was an  ’obvious follow-up from We Are Young.’ Well. I was right. […]

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