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The Mighty Rio Grande – This Will Destroy You

25 Jul

My Current Favourite Film


Moneyball is a top film – I cannot recommend it highly enough. I’m a sucker for an uplifting sports film, and Moneyball ticks all the boxes. Loser baseball team, check. Lack of funds, check. Beating the system, check. Heartbreaking loss at the end, check! But another aspect of the film that is strong is definitely the soundtrack, and of all the accompanying score, This Will Destroy You’s input fits the film most appropriately.

Mid Jam Sesh

There are no words to this song, but there definitely shouldn’t be. It’s perfect the way it is. This song swells, rises, and drops majestically. The heavy beat of the drum resonates, every note seems to have a reason for being there. By being 11 minutes long, this no longer conforms to the now generation’s idea of a 1 minute song being plenty, but the range of this song is phenomenal. That first drum snare at the start is enough to hook you. If I could ever write the soundtrack to my life, this would be played over all the epic moments (to think, there are embarrassingly few epic moments in my life so far, I will try and jazz up my life ASAP). It’s summer – take 15 minutes out of your day, crank this up, and just enjoy.


Glee’s Graduating!

22 May

Class of 2012

This might be one of the only times I’ve ever stuck to a plan. Ever ever. I’ve already said this but it bears reiterating: I am graduating concurrently with the Glee kids! They’re like my Harry Potter (whose students grew up, for the first four books, in my sister’s year). It’s fair to say that I’ll be fairly emotionally invested come Thursday night (spurred on by fun.’s latest album. Speaking of, can we have some consensus vis a vis their name? I say fun. but others say FUN. or just simply ‘fun’ or even ‘Fun’.) Anyway, Glee’s released an album specifically for graduation and it’s a nice way to end the three seasons. Review after the jump:

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You’re A God – Vertical Horizon

8 May

Everyone should know this song. It will do you no harm to treat yourself to a skyrocketing confidence level when you hear lead singer Matt Scannell tell you that “you’re a god.” I’ll happily put it on and revel in my unprecedented levels of extreme awesome. You should do the same, because if you regularly visit this website, I know you’re awesome.

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Let Community’s Theme Tune Be Yours, Too

5 May

The 88: There are only 4 of them. MISNOMER.

I love, love, love The 88. Since The O.C (R.I.P), I was a major fan and Over And Over is really underrated, yo. Here’s Nobody Cares, one part groovy, lots of parts mean:

Donde esta la next part of this review? After the jump:

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Learn To Crawl – Black Lab

19 Apr

Don’t type Black Lab into Google. All you get are search results about puppies. I guess that kind of sums up Black Lab’s unfortunate fall from reasonable grace. When I say ‘reasonable grace,’ I mean featuring on the Spiderman soundtrack, which is where I heard this song, which explains why it’s called Learn To Crawl, which was (perhaps unsurprisingly) played in the part of the movie where Spiderman learns to crawl, which is cool. 

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Catching Up With That Glee Thing

9 Apr

Howdy! Hope you’re all enjoying Monday. I finished The Perks of Being a Wallflower (capitalisation has never been my friend) on Friday night; it left me emotionally drained for the weekend. Seriously. I won’t divulge my thoughts because a) this is ostensibly a music blog and b) I lent it to my sister and want her to read it before I spoil anything. I’m sweeping through Young Adult literature and I’ll stop reading it when I stop being a young adult, okay? Elsewhere, my current album of the moment is Christina Aguilera’s Stripped. It’s weird that I really only listen to albums at a time (2 weeks ago, I had fun., last week was Taylor, now Xtina) but I found it a more immersive way to familiarise oneself with an artist. Jeez, douche alert. Else elsewhere: Glee. They’ve released all new songs from this week’s upcoming episode, Big Brother. Some deets; Matt Bomer is Darren Criss’ older bro, Quinn had that car-crash (remember?) and Tina wants a song. WELL WE CAN’T ALWAYS GET WHAT WE WANT, CAN WE TINA? Some songs for you, after the jump:

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Taylor Swift’s Hunger Games

30 Mar

Tribute from District 13? Swift takes on The Hunger Games. Impractical arena gear.

Yo. It’s Friday (good) and we’ve come to the end of THG soundtrack and landed on Taylor Swift’s contributions (better! Maybe.) Jump the jump for more detail (it probably wouldn’t be hard.)

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The Ruler And The Killer – Kid Cudi

30 Mar

Don't you fuck with Katniss.

Sad times, my friends. This is the penultimate Hunger Games soundtrack review. A few things: Slate’s complete coverage of THG is fantastic, check it out pronto. Also great: This piece by Bim Adewunmi for The Guardian about a few fans’ racist reaction to THG casting. It’s all true and segues into the oft-interesting argument about casting in general. It seems lots of the cinema-going public is still (perhaps unknowingly) racist when it comes to casting. Tributes for a television show where kids kill each other aren’t real. Black people are. And finally: Check out fun.’s Some Nights. It’s truly, truly brilliant. I’ll follow up some reviews later. See you later today for the final installment of our THG review.

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Nothing To Remember – Neko Case

29 Mar
Something To Remember: Neko Case

Something To Remember: Neko Case

This is one of my favourites from THG soundtrack. It works even better if you’re well-versed in Panem culture but is a sweet accompaniment to even the THG-ignorant (Michael). Transience, leaving an impression and dehumanization are all vital components of the books and (coincidenceville!) this song. 

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Come Away To The Water – Maroon 5 ft. Rozzi Crane

28 Mar

Jeez, there were lots of ‘likes’ and ‘Henrys’ in yesterday’s post: I approve. I don’t approve of Michael’s mocking my HG addiction. The film was so good. And not just in a ‘they did quite a good adaptation.’ It was really, really good. Anyway, I’m pulling 3 more tracks from the soundtrack and here’s a Maroon 5 one heading at you.

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