Candles – Hey Monday

23 Apr

Hey Monday, it's actually a Tuesday.

Howdy. Welcome to Tuesday. Here’s some music.

Do you remember Hey Monday? I totally do. Wikipedia tells me they’re on a hiatus which I believe is incorrect terminology. Somewhere along my life, I picked up that ‘hiatus’ should strictly only be used for natural occurrences only. But it seems that just like envy and jealousy, it has fallen victim to ubiquitous ill-usage and you can now say that Come Dine With Me is on a ‘hiatus.’ Whatevs. Someone prove me wrong, please. Anyway, Hey Monday aren’t producing any new music, any time soon. The band’s lead singer, Cassadee Pope has gone solo though so there’s that. Anyway anyway, here’s Hey Monday’s Candles which is a really, really sweet song. It was covered on Glee a while back which accounts for comments on the YouTube video like:

‘I personally think Glee ruined this song… I’m sorry. But I’m glad you got turned onto this song. Hey Monday did a great job on this. Cassadee has a great voice.’

If you can look past the ‘ruin’ of a song, it’s really quite beautiful. And a minor confession: I hadn’t heard of this song pre-Glee (I guess I’m just someone who had been ‘turned onto’ the song) and I thought it was a much, much older from some 80s film about teenagers. It has that feeling, no? 

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