Glee’s Graduating!

22 May

Class of 2012

This might be one of the only times I’ve ever stuck to a plan. Ever ever. I’ve already said this but it bears reiterating: I am graduating concurrently with the Glee kids! They’re like my Harry Potter (whose students grew up, for the first four books, in my sister’s year). It’s fair to say that I’ll be fairly emotionally invested come Thursday night (spurred on by fun.’s latest album. Speaking of, can we have some consensus vis a vis their name? I say fun. but others say FUN. or just simply ‘fun’ or even ‘Fun’.) Anyway, Glee’s released an album specifically for graduation and it’s a nice way to end the three seasons. Review after the jump:

Housekeeping: I’ve reviewed Tonguetied (which bizarrely wasn’t in this album but was in Nationals) here and another favourite of this album, We Are Young, was reviewed back here. Man, I love fun.

Edge Of Glory – Santana, Mercedes, Quinn & Tina

The Troubletones performed this (which I guess was for the last time?) at Nationals and it was pretty great. They’ve been a rad addition to my Glee viewing and it’ll be sad to see Santana and Mercedes graduate. I like what they did at the 1:40 mark. Actually, this is my favourite Lady Gaga song so it’s unsurprising that I loved this. It takes me back to last summer which was filled with this, Last Friday Night and LMFAO; all tunes were blasted at length, and on repeat in the countries that I visited. I suspect things weren’t so different back home in London, either:

We Are The Champions – Finnchel, Santana, Kurt & Puck

This is a pretty triumphant anthem and all the more so in the world of McKinley high school. Speaking of, how great was that montage of their return? So, so perfect. Anyway, this felt like a pretty natural fit for three years that have included bullying, slushies and fake babies:

Glory Days – Puck & Finn

I love Mark Salling’s voice and it’s been ace hearing his solos recently. He covered Mean last week as well as School’s Out a bit before that. Anyway, Glory Days is one of my favourite Springsteen songs (but I suppose that’s a fairly widely echoed sentiment) and this is gobsmackingly jubilant. Enjoy, turn up the volume and sing out loud:

Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life) – Finn, Sam (?), Blaine (?) & Mr Schu (Double ?)

No clue about who’s actually singing on this except Finn but it’s awesome. I really need to find out what Green Day are doing these days. There’s a band at my school who sorta-kinda-ish remind of their early stuff and I have a sneaking suspicion that if they were to pursue their dreams – and one always ought to – I might be writing about them one day. Head up, y;all:

You Get What You Give – Finn, Rachel, Sam & Mercedes

For some reason totally unknown to me, I was sure Jonah had posted about the original version of this song yonks ago. But I just went through a year and half of archives and found nothing. So there you go. This is as upbeat and infectious as ever and I cannot wait to see it performed in the choir room. That’s pretty much the happiest choir room in the world:

Rounding off the album are a few Finn, Rachel solos (and one from Kurt) and another from Finnchel.

Tomorrow, I’ll have a season recap in which I’ll pick out my favourites from season three and tentatively lay some hopes out for season four. How time flies! Join me then.

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