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Pyramid Lake – Hiatus

29 Jun

Recently, I have been missing this man’s music in my life. I absolutely loved his Ghost Notes EP. Hiatus has a knack for blending heart-wrenching melodies with softly profound backings that when combined form something truly incredible. I urge you to listen to his latest offering after the jump.

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Happy Birthday To Us: Our Favourite Songs Of The Year

2 Aug

Birthday Wishes: It’s been an action packed year for us and the music world.

As you will now know, Can You Hear This is now a year old; congratulations once more to Devan Carlton for winning our competition and choosing a great album as a prize. Nowadays a year in music is a long time, different reviews, news and music-related scandals becoming a daily occurrence thanks to the Internet. I’m not complaining because as a music blog we contribute to this, but sometimes it’s good to take a step back and look at the music and events that have really made a different to the industry, and more importantly to ourselves. It’s been a year of exciting collaborations with Jay-Z and Kanye exciting us with news of their own royal wedding. It’s been fantastic year once more for up and coming artists from Britain and internationally. We chose to vest our pop music interests in Jessie J, while more alternative acts (Two Door Cinema Club, The xx) have also flourished. Recently, we’ve been saddened by the loss of a fantastic female artist, Amy Winehouse whose loss will be felt for years to come. Having created such stirring singles such as Love Is A Losing Game, Back To Black and Rehab, that rare example of a candid, open pop song that achieves massive commercial success, Winehouse was truly inspiring. I hope her wonderful female presence continues to influence new artists and live on.

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River – Hiatus & Shura

10 Jun

Here’s another gem from one guy in particular who I just cannot get enough of. Hiatus has gotten together with Shura and cranked out River, an ambient and softly beautiful track that builds over a period of time. The song is part of a collaborative EP that quite frankly, I am chomping at the bit to listen to. 

These two are just such a great team. As per usual, Hiatus orchestrates an irresistible backing that I would listen to and enjoy even without any vocals. However, Shura’s vocals are an absolutely awesome inclusion. Her voice matches the tone of the song beautifully, and it’s really interesting to hear the combination of the two artists’ work. Get ready for that EP! The video is below, and if you still can’t get enough, click here to see a live performance of the song.

Christmas Freebies

27 Dec

Okay, I feel bad that I’ve left you guys without anything for a while, so hopefully this will make up for it to some extent. Time for two Christmas freebies. The first thing I’ve been listening to is Hiatus’ new mini-album. It’s called Music For A Film, and it’s absolutely staggeringly good, which is what I have come to expect from Hiatus recently. Download the whole thing for free directly from his SoundCloud. This song below is absolutely beautiful; it’s called Foreigner:

The second thing that you can run over and download totally for free is a live Gorillaz album called The Fall, which is pretty nice. I’m not the hugest Gorillaz fan but hey, it’s free! so click here, fill out the form and it’s yours. Stay warm and can’t wait to get back to the usual routine.

Third – Hiatus

17 Nov
Here’s a beautiful mournful little track that I’ve been wanting to post for some time. Hiatus (real name Cyrus Shahrad) sent us his latest single from his new album, Ghost Notes EP. While that song itself is incredible, it actually led me to discover more of his stuff. Over the past couple of weeks, my love for Hiatus’ music has blossomed, and he holds a (much coveted) place in the ‘most played’ playlist on my iPod.
Third is not actually on Ghost Notes EP, but I think it represents everything that is amazing about Hiatus’ music. It’s softly hopeful while at the same time it holds a deeper and thought-provoking element. You can hear traces of Burial and Four Tet in there, and it’s one of those songs that is ideal for a reflective walk home in the drizzle-filled small hours of the morning. The main single off of the EP, Save Yourself, is also an unbelievable song. Watch the video below:
I don’t normally say this, but I would definitely get this album. It’s one of those great CDs that you can listen to all the way through and feel totally intrigued and at peace throughout. Check out more of Hiatus’ stuff on his MySpace.