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Idea of Happiness – Van She

9 Jul

Had to pry myself away from that unbelievable Wimbledon final yesterday in order to bring you this, so please feel special. Here’s a colourful summer tune that you can blast while chilling out and drinking Corona (my favorite).

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Sweet Life – Frank Ocean

7 Jul

World, let it be known that I love Frank Ocean. The singer has been in the limelight recently after a post on his Tumblr that appeared to tell of a summertime romance with another guy caused the world to label him as gay or bisexual. Fear not, Frank. In the words of Celine Dion, I will always love youuuuuuuuu…

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He Said I Said – Cooly G

5 Jul

With the others all on holiday celebrating the end of the school year, it’s up to me and Henry to hold down the blog fort. I thought it would be difficult to satisfy all of you, but then I actually remembered that we’re the coolest ones anyways, and so in a way it filters out all of the bad, leaving you with only the best. (Disclaimer: I’m not actually saying the others are terrible. Otherwise why would they be here? They’re all great. Except Michael. Just kidding. (Or am I?) I am).

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The Way U Do – Shlohmo

31 May

Nothing big for today, I just wanted to share a lovely little song that has been playing off my laptop constantly and helping me get through my studying. Off of Shlohmo’s EP, Vacation, this song is another quietly gorgeous track to add to his growing collection of gems. Take a listen:

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Till We Die (feat. Nina Kinert) – Tomas Barford

29 May

By golly, I’ve seen some smouldering looks in my time, but Danish producer Tomas Barfod surely takes the cake with that stare. Why so moody Tomas? I don’t know, must all be part of the image. Anyways, have a listen to Till We Die.

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a2 – Ólafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm (Max Cooper Remix)

3 May

Okay so the other day I stumbled upon something really, really beautiful. No, not Mila Kunis (although I can still dream). I was paddling around and surfing our beloved internet when I discovered a quite frankly gorgeous Max Cooper remix.

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Born to Die – Lana Del Rey (Hackman Remix)

16 Feb

So I know on this blog we’ve kind of been going Lana Del C-Rey-zy (that’s why you come here: for the quite frankly world class puns), but having spent the last couple of days in Paris and therefore not being able to write, I’ve decided to charm your ears with this nice little remix of such a big song.

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Realist Alive – Clams Casino

27 Jan

There’s a new big-hitter on my list, and he goes by the name of Clams Casino. The New Jersey bedroom producer has stormed onto the scene, producing tracks for emerging acts like ASAP Rocky and Lil B. The man has put together an album full of the instrumentals that he has produced, and in a lot of ways I think they’re better than the actual songs. My favourite (and the one that has been plaguing my mind over the last week) is called Realist Alive. Take a listen. No wonder clams are supposed to be aphrodisiacs…


Feel So Close – Calvin Harris

29 Aug

Calvin Harris: he just wants to Feel So Close to you.

Calvin Harris is an artist whom I’ve never paid much attention to. I’ve seen him live and he was disappointing; and the fact is, in a world full of adequate DJs, that’s enough to put you off for someone. Acceptable In The 80s is probably my favourite of his early efforts but as someone born in the 90s, makes me feel a little out of my depth. If Mr Harris only has hugs for me if I were born in the 80s, well then I’ll stick with Katy Perry. She kissed a girl and doesn’t discriminate on age (and had a rather amusing twitter based argument with Calvin Harris).

However, Harris has really impressed me lately with his Kelis colloboration, Bounce. It plays like a cooler, more restrained Hello. Every time that I hear this song, it grows on me which seems rare for a Calvin Harris song. You’ve bound to have heard it, or at least recogonise the nintendo-esque hook but here’s the stylish video:

His latest single, Feel So Close builds upon Bounce’s solid work. Both Bounce and Feel So Close are remarkably close to Calvin Harris’s work. They feature catchy electronic hooks, contain few lyrics and repeat the same phrase until Harris hammers it into your inner cortex.

‘It could be a successor to the Teenage Dream crown’

But Bounce and Feel So Close are so much more sophisticated than his earlier work that it’s almost incomparable. Feel So Close feels like a true song of the summer, even it is a bit late (there’s always next year; it certainly didn’t stop Last Friday Night). It’s both frothy and endearing in equal measure with lyrics like:

I wear my heart upon my sleeve, like a big deal
Your love bows down, I mean surround me like a waterfall
And there’s no stopping us right now
I feel so close to you right now

Teenage Kicks: The video builds upon the song's theme of young love (which I absolutely love.)

In the summer, nostalgic, teenage-centric, pop singles stakes it could almost be a successor to the Teenage Dream crown, no mean feat. Take a listen and a look at the video. As well as sound quality, Harris’ videos have become seriously cool and amongst some of my favourites this year:

Young Blood – The Naked And Famous

11 Aug

Today I have a great song for you that I’m really excited about. The Naked And Famous’ Young Blood has begun to generate a buzz, and once you listen to this uplifting tune, you’ll know exactly why. Released from the New Zealand bands debut album Passive Me, Aggressive You, the song debuted on the New Zealand charts at number one, making it the first track produced by a kiwi band to do so in three years! Enjoy this one!

See? I told you it was great. What I love about this song is the way that it seems to so effortlessly blend aspects of the Passion Pit and MGMT type of electronic, with the assets of classic rock that we’re so used to hearing. Did you hear that electric guitar? Did it sound great? I thought so. You can check out the music video here, and a live performance of the song here.