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Happy Birthday To Us: Our Favourite Songs Of The Year

2 Aug

Birthday Wishes: It’s been an action packed year for us and the music world.

As you will now know, Can You Hear This is now a year old; congratulations once more to Devan Carlton for winning our competition and choosing a great album as a prize. Nowadays a year in music is a long time, different reviews, news and music-related scandals becoming a daily occurrence thanks to the Internet. I’m not complaining because as a music blog we contribute to this, but sometimes it’s good to take a step back and look at the music and events that have really made a different to the industry, and more importantly to ourselves. It’s been a year of exciting collaborations with Jay-Z and Kanye exciting us with news of their own royal wedding. It’s been fantastic year once more for up and coming artists from Britain and internationally. We chose to vest our pop music interests in Jessie J, while more alternative acts (Two Door Cinema Club, The xx) have also flourished. Recently, we’ve been saddened by the loss of a fantastic female artist, Amy Winehouse whose loss will be felt for years to come. Having created such stirring singles such as Love Is A Losing Game, Back To Black and Rehab, that rare example of a candid, open pop song that achieves massive commercial success, Winehouse was truly inspiring. I hope her wonderful female presence continues to influence new artists and live on.

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Earl – Earl Sweatshirt

16 Apr

WARNING: This post is not for the faint of heart. This has been out for a while, and I first heard it a long time ago, but Earl Sweatshirt is finally starting to get the recognition he deserves. The release of Yonkers by Tyler The Creator triggered a huge spike in popularity for the rap collective OFWGKTA (of which Earl Sweatshirt is a member), and so it seems fitting to write about this now. First off, this song is fucked up. There’s no other way to say it. Listen if you dare:

While you’re still washing out your ears, I’ll explain. Even though this song is outrageous, I can’t help but be seriously impressed at how messed up some of the lyrics are. It actually led me to listen to other songs of this nature just to see what the most ridiculous lyric was. This song won. Call me sick, but I really like listening to it, and Earl masters the rhythm. Now, if you’re really brave, you’ll watch the video, which is fucked up beyond imagination, or you can download Earl’s great album totally for free here.

Yonkers – Tyler The Creator

8 Mar

This one has hit a sudden rise in popularity. It’s a pretty sick video (in both senses of the word). The dude’s only 19 years old, and I’d back him as one to shine in the not so distant future. Enjoy.