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Happy Birthday To Us: Our Favourite Songs Of The Year

2 Aug

Birthday Wishes: It’s been an action packed year for us and the music world.

As you will now know, Can You Hear This is now a year old; congratulations once more to Devan Carlton for winning our competition and choosing a great album as a prize. Nowadays a year in music is a long time, different reviews, news and music-related scandals becoming a daily occurrence thanks to the Internet. I’m not complaining because as a music blog we contribute to this, but sometimes it’s good to take a step back and look at the music and events that have really made a different to the industry, and more importantly to ourselves. It’s been a year of exciting collaborations with Jay-Z and Kanye exciting us with news of their own royal wedding. It’s been fantastic year once more for up and coming artists from Britain and internationally. We chose to vest our pop music interests in Jessie J, while more alternative acts (Two Door Cinema Club, The xx) have also flourished. Recently, we’ve been saddened by the loss of a fantastic female artist, Amy Winehouse whose loss will be felt for years to come. Having created such stirring singles such as Love Is A Losing Game, Back To Black and Rehab, that rare example of a candid, open pop song that achieves massive commercial success, Winehouse was truly inspiring. I hope her wonderful female presence continues to influence new artists and live on.

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Slow Down My Beating Heart – The Sunbeat Revival

15 Feb

Following the (surprisingly) huge launch of The Sunbeat Revival‘s first single When I Think of You (I Smile Neon Light), their first EP, Slow Down My Beating Heart, is out. If you don’t know who we are talking about, The Sunbeat Revival are a Briton duo and one of them filmed Swanny’s Video Diary. But they’ve developed into more than just that. The response the first single got was huge and the song enjoyed considerable success, reaching #13 and #11 in the iTunes and Amazon Alternative charts respectively. This despite the band not having management or a record label and having played only one gig!

Across the whole EP, the duo have clearly developed their electronic sound which they showcased in the first song. The title track is very good. It sounds ready to go on the radio already. The chorus is catchy but the verses do it for. It’s an awesome narrative which reminds me (strangely) of Missing Andy, telling a story through the music. Soul and the Wolf is similar but this time the band pick up sounds that can be seen in the music of Hurts.

(I’m not going to write a review for When I Think of You since I have already done one. You know I loved it!)

Stand out track for me is The Butterfly Effect. It’s got a wonderful laid-back vibe. The guitar strumming and the harmonised vocals make me think of the Beach Boys maybe… Anyway it’s a lovely sound and perfect to cheer you up in these horrible winter months!

Sun Rider closes out the EP in fine style. It’s a beautiful slow ballad which is really quite moving. If you haven’t noticed what I am trying to convey yet, the band have managed to produce so many different sounds in a five track album and made them all work. It’s really so promising for an album because they seem to have this music thing down! I mean who manages to have songs which sound like a rock group and a boy band in one!?

Look out for an interview soon as well!

When I Think Of You (I Smile Neon Light) – The Sunbeat Revival

3 Jan

I am acutely aware that my discovery of new bands should come from going out and discovering talent out in the world but today, that’s not the case. The Sunbeat Revival are a Brighton-based duo who play “psychedelic beatpop.” They came to my attention… from watching Swanny’s Ashes Video Diary and The Sprinkler. If you don’t know what that is, don’t worry because this is all about the music.

The pair’s debut single When I Think Of You (I Smile Neon Light) is one that has potential to make an impact at the start of this new year. Opening with some sweet guitar picking, the song swells into a catchy pop song, one which can be compared to Empire of the Sun‘s music. Each of the components of the song are good; an instrumental version would be just as powerful as the full version, such is the quality in the craftsmanship of this song.

The song’s been out for a few weeks and the EP’s release is just days away. To find out more you can catch them on their official site or their MySpace.