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Christmas Freebies

27 Dec

Okay, I feel bad that I’ve left you guys without anything for a while, so hopefully this will make up for it to some extent. Time for two Christmas freebies. The first thing I’ve been listening to is Hiatus’ new mini-album. It’s called Music For A Film, and it’s absolutely staggeringly good, which is what I have come to expect from Hiatus recently. Download the whole thing for free directly from his SoundCloud. This song below is absolutely beautiful; it’s called Foreigner:

The second thing that you can run over and download totally for free is a live Gorillaz album called The Fall, which is pretty nice. I’m not the hugest Gorillaz fan but hey, it’s free! so click here, fill out the form and it’s yours. Stay warm and can’t wait to get back to the usual routine.