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Moth – Burial & Four Tet

2 Jan

Okay so maybe it’s not a brand new track for the New Year (you know we like to shout about golden oldies here), but if you haven’t heard this then this is a great present. Kieren Hebden, aka Four Tet joined forces with Burial to produce this insightful and soft piece of magic back in 2009. So even though it’s not hot off the press, you should still sit back, relax, and let this one swell on your (hopefully good) sound system. It’s not over complicated, it just is what it is.

Third – Hiatus

17 Nov
Here’s a beautiful mournful little track that I’ve been wanting to post for some time. Hiatus (real name Cyrus Shahrad) sent us his latest single from his new album, Ghost Notes EP. While that song itself is incredible, it actually led me to discover more of his stuff. Over the past couple of weeks, my love for Hiatus’ music has blossomed, and he holds a (much coveted) place in the ‘most played’ playlist on my iPod.
Third is not actually on Ghost Notes EP, but I think it represents everything that is amazing about Hiatus’ music. It’s softly hopeful while at the same time it holds a deeper and thought-provoking element. You can hear traces of Burial and Four Tet in there, and it’s one of those songs that is ideal for a reflective walk home in the drizzle-filled small hours of the morning. The main single off of the EP, Save Yourself, is also an unbelievable song. Watch the video below:
I don’t normally say this, but I would definitely get this album. It’s one of those great CDs that you can listen to all the way through and feel totally intrigued and at peace throughout. Check out more of Hiatus’ stuff on his MySpace.