Music That Motivates

4 Jul

Poker Face: These guys will get you through

Man, I wish I had written this article before exams. Oftentimes, when writing reviews of music, it’s easy to forget the power of motivation that music can provide. A good song can psyche you up and make you feel like the Avatar/Superman/Neil Patrick Harris. A great reminder of this was this playlist. It’s specifically tailored for a game of poker (something that takes you through various stages of a mental workout) but lends itself to any rigorous activity, be that an essay/saving the world/cooking dinner (the last is much the hardest one here, for me). Although it’s a hip hop playlist (not a type of music that normally fills my iPod), it was an awesome mix to keep me motivated. The playlist is split into three parts – a laid back start, a mid-section to stay concentrated and an aggressive finish – and I’ve picked highlights from each. Enjoy:

Though I’ve picked up some of my favourite songs from each playlist, be sure to check out the hip hop playlist in its entirety.

It Was A Good Day – Ice Cube

This is perfect for setting the mood, to brush off any of the troubles from your day and ease you into the right mindset for a strenuous poker match or you know, cooking dinner. This playlist really highlights the nuance in hip hop; it’s just as effective at firing you up as it is in relaxing you. A perfect way to slip into the right mindset. Awesome video, too:

The Bridge Is Over – KRS-One

This is where hip hop really takes off. The game’s both a sprint and a marathon, and this section of the playlist should help you to ‘keep you on your toes.’ You don’t want to choke now. It would be awkward for everyone. The Bridge Is Over kicks things up a notch from It Was A Good Day and its co-mates but doesn’t go all out crazy just yet (that’s the next paragraph, you guys). You’ll see a lot of talk about how The Bridge Is Over is ‘real hip hop,’ and that may be true but it’s also just awesome. It’s perfect for the middle range of your match but also a great standalone tune. Also superb in this section is Scarface’s On My Block and Grand Puba’s Check Tha Resume.

Method Man – Wu Tang Clan

Hip hop excels when ‘you switch on an aggressive playing style’ to finish off your perfect game. And nowhere is that more clear than with the Wu Tang Clan. Their verve and originality is terrifying and inspiring. Either way, they’ll carry you to the end of whichever task you’ve undertaken. Congrats! You’ve either just won a ridiculous amount playing poker online or successfully boiled pasta without obliterating your kitchen. Thank the power of hip hop.

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