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Encore – Jay Z & Nicolas Jaar (Buzz-T remix)

17 Jul


This is . . . unexpectedly fantastic. Nicolas Jaar has been remixed with Jay Z’s encore and the results are pretty damn dynamic. There’s something here to please everyone’s taste as the remix cruises past unexpected curiosity to something kinda lush. L:isten and replay in the summer to seem cool in front of your friends; ‘I have this great remix you won’t have heard before . . .’:

Every Time – Ameriie

13 Jul

(Her) 1 Thing

I’m finishing off this week with a song that’s been bopping around my iPod for a while but feels distinctly summery. It’s by Ameriie of ‘There’s just one thing that got me tripping, there’s just one thing that something something something’. It’ll be hard to top that song ever because it’s a-muhzing but this gives it a run for its money. Every Time is in the same vein as Estelle’s more downbeat tunes and is wistful, poppy and features a killer hook for uncool people (me) to feel involved. Check it out and enjoy your weekends! Let’s hope the sun stays out:

Def Jam Poetry – Talib Kweli

10 Jul

In a turn from my previous acoustic, folk style posts, I thought I’d delve into my Hip Hop genre here. A friend of mine this week told me that I “shouldn’t listen to hip hop, as you can’t relate to this gangsta lifestyle.” This led to a fairly heated debate (mainly down to him disrespecting my gangsta lifestyle) but mainly because I don’t agree with that. That in mind, this gem from Kweli I think can be related to by anybody who gives it a listen.

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Music That Motivates

4 Jul

Poker Face: These guys will get you through

Man, I wish I had written this article before exams. Oftentimes, when writing reviews of music, it’s easy to forget the power of motivation that music can provide. A good song can psyche you up and make you feel like the Avatar/Superman/Neil Patrick Harris. A great reminder of this was this playlist. It’s specifically tailored for a game of poker (something that takes you through various stages of a mental workout) but lends itself to any rigorous activity, be that an essay/saving the world/cooking dinner (the last is much the hardest one here, for me). Although it’s a hip hop playlist (not a type of music that normally fills my iPod), it was an awesome mix to keep me motivated. The playlist is split into three parts – a laid back start, a mid-section to stay concentrated and an aggressive finish – and I’ve picked highlights from each. Enjoy:

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New God Flow – Kanye West & Pusha T

4 Jul

Here’s a new track from Kanye with Pusha T. After winning a BET Award with Jay-Z (an award ceremony that had everything, including Jay-Z in direct competition with his missus, and Kanye getting interrupted during his speech in a Kanye-like way), Yeezy is on a high. He has every reason to be with awesome tracks like this one.

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Checking in on the iTunes chart: Part Two

3 Jul

Upgrade your cell plan, already.

Howdy, howdy. They say that in summer time, a music listener’s heart turns to pop. Okay, they don’t say that but for the purpose of this article: They do. A while ago, I checked in on the iTunes chart for some rigorous analysis (read: six bullet points) but it was fun! Right? Well our stats for that day certainly say it was so let’s delve into those murky depths once more!

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Fraulein – Haleek Maul

28 Jun

Back to rap. Oh how I have missed you. Here’s something really cool: Barbadian rapper Haleek Maul is only 16 years old and has just recently released Oxyconteen, an EP that can be described as dark and insightful. He’s 16. That was me two years ago, jeez.

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Sabotage – Wale ft. Lloyd

19 Jun

Save the Wale

Do you remember this? 

I enjoyed that a lot, and 90210 which prefigured whither hip was going to hop off. If Jonah is our Drake champion, then Wale’s mine. He’s creative, original and classical all in one. Anyway, I’ve only recently checked out his latest album, Ambition and his new (relatively) single, Sabotage. It features Lloyd and is excellent. A sweet mix of a catchy refrain with witty rap (Avatar references always hit home). Check it out after the jump:

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Why I Love You – Jay Z & Kanye West (ft. Mr Hudson)

7 Jun

Skirts for men are apparently a big trend and thus Kanye stays well ahead of the crowd as per.

For some bizarre reason, I’ve only recently sat down and listened to Watch The Throne properly. And it’s been an utter delight. The first half of that album is fantastic and there are a few highlights that dot around the whole album. One of them is WHy I Love You , fifth from last on the album’s tracking. Here’s a little reminded of previous Kanye/Mr Hudson collab, Supernova:

So much of that pleases me – the imagery invoked by ‘as the warm champagne falls’ in partix – and there’s a similar indulgenc eot be had in Why I Love You. Like Lift Off, it’s a realy joy on Watch The Throne and a pretty fabulous addition. Listen after the jump:

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Freaks & Geeks – Childish Gambino

1 Jun

As I mentioned on Wednesday, hip hip typically is not my thing. But, once again thanks to Community, I’m listening to an awful lot of it at the minute. Find out who after the jump (unless you read the post title..). Continue reading