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Music That Motivates

4 Jul

Poker Face: These guys will get you through

Man, I wish I had written this article before exams. Oftentimes, when writing reviews of music, it’s easy to forget the power of motivation that music can provide. A good song can psyche you up and make you feel like the Avatar/Superman/Neil Patrick Harris. A great reminder of this was this playlist. It’s specifically tailored for a game of poker (something that takes you through various stages of a mental workout) but lends itself to any rigorous activity, be that an essay/saving the world/cooking dinner (the last is much the hardest one here, for me). Although it’s a hip hop playlist (not a type of music that normally fills my iPod), it was an awesome mix to keep me motivated. The playlist is split into three parts – a laid back start, a mid-section to stay concentrated and an aggressive finish – and I’ve picked highlights from each. Enjoy:

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