Walking Home – We Are Serenades

23 Mar

I’m sorry for not writing for the last couple of weeks audience. (I’m not actually sorry but I thought I best be polite.) To make up for my absences I thought I’d treat you to an absolute gem.

Breaking In came back this year. Last year I wrote about Damato, an artist who featured heavily in a wonderful ‘finale’ for the show. His music was everything pop music was supposed to be, charming, elegant and emotive. I thought though that giving us (relatively) unknown crackers was to be a one-off for the show. The Blind Sided on Wednesday disproved that.

We Are Serenades’ have a beautiful sound straight out of Sweden. Their debut album, Criminal Heaven is going to be available in a month’s time and it only takes a listen to Walking Home to realise that you are going to need to make a purchase. It’s really quite upsetting that Melanie (Odette Annable) is leaving the show to focus on House and as Walking Home accompanied the melting of her metal statue (watch the show…) I was a little bit touched. It was a perfectly executed scene, made all the better by a lovely song.

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