Reviewing Katy Perry’s Complete Confection

26 Mar

Sorry for: lack of posting, breaking Hunger Games-related promises. News: I’m not particularly reliable, Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream has been re-packaged with some bonuses. What we’re going to do: try and be a better person, review them. See you after the jump.

Part Of Me:

This has already hit the topspot in the U.S and looks to do the same in the U.K (at the time of writing, which is a Saturday night at 9:30 making me officially the coolest writer on the blog.) It’s nice: I like the bridge, feel the diamond ring line was pointed and feel pretty uncomfortable with the video’s message (having breasts and long hair is a weakness godammit.) Let’s just call this a neccessary juncture on the path of Krusty’s break-up. Man, I loved them. They felt so right, okay?:

Waking Up:

Okay, I feel much happier about this. It’s closer to the Katy I knew from OOTB’s Lost. The lyrics are actually wispy and light, which feels right given the song’s message, and the production is subtle, carefully crafted and shows off her vocals. Which are expressive as ever. This will almost definitely be a fan favourite. That might sound a little reductive but I really like this. The ‘castle’s crumbling’ line is beautiful:

Dressing Up:

I couldn’t find a version on YouTube but you can find it anywhere on KP-related Tumblrs. This hook’s great; I was humming it on the bus and then stopped when I realised it was an ode to sex games. I read in The New Yorker that producers have discovered that the average listener gives a song on the radio six seconds before changing station, resulting in a ton of hooks in any given pop song. This certainly fulfills that. So congrats.

Catch me later in the week when I pull some more songs from THG sountrack: They’re really good. 

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