Bullet – Katy Perry

4 Jan

Howdy! 2012 has been the year where I’ve been indisputably Sherlocked. I like, and can easily separate both versions. Guy Ritchie’s is a fast-paced, rompy caper. And Moffat’s version is a fast-paced, rompy caper. Okay, there are a few distinctions but when you boil both Sherlocks down, they contain a little heart a lot fun.

That’s a really tangential way to tell you this: I love Dolly Parton. Her huge country voice, beautifully created songs that haunt on a micro-level and affect people on a macro-level, but most of all it’s her sense of fun. Which is one of the reasons that I love Katy Perry (that wasn’t just a flippant KP remark- this bears some relevance.) Speaking of KP, one of the songs she once wrote has been leaked. It doesn’t really count as a new song as it was given to Jessie James who is a pop-country-star. The song’s a pretty standard KP affair. It’s catchy, full of easy-to-learn lyrics and tongue-in-cheeky winks (she plays on the rocket-in-your-pocket joke, here.) But boy is it ever twangy. Voila! Relevance has been found. I can’t quite shake off how much Bullet reminds me of Why’d You Come In Here Looking Like That by DP. Here’s Dolly’s song and after the jump is KP’s Bullet. They’re not the same song, sure. But they both zip along and I like to see Dolly’s influence in as many things as possible. Take a listen and wear as much (double or nothing) denim as you can today:

A whole Katy Perry post without a mention of a divorce? I aim to be alternative. 

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  1. 10 Things I Love About Pop « Can You Hear This - January 7, 2012

    […] 3. When two big characters break up, there’s always carnage. It’s just not always on such a huge scale as Katy Perry and Russell Brand’s divorce. Most of the details are fairly sad; Russell’s alleged outrageous sex apetite and Katy’s reported constant partying (surely these things are compatible!) But none’s more sad than Katy’s super-religious parents who have apparently claimed their daughter’s divorce was a ‘gift from God.’ Eyuck! I forgot od was a friendly divorve lawyer in the sky. Soothe your woes with this unreleased demo, I wrote about earlier: […]

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