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Nunca – Trails & Ways

29 Jun

Goodbye for the week from me. I’ll leave you with a real summer corker. Continue reading

I’d Rather Dance With You – Kings of Convenience

26 Jun

So to kick off my whole fledgling career as a writer, I thought I’d write a little something about the Kings of Convenience. Continue reading

An Ode To JJ – Darren Vincent

13 Jun

Ah, Wednesday. Or ‘lo-fi-quirk-folk-pop’ as we’ve renamed it at Can You Hear This. Darren Vincent is a singer-songwriter from Glasgow who, luckily for us, specialises in that. And you know, that’s quite a good thing. Things have conpsired to be a bit too exciting recently. I’ve just had my last ever History paper and Latin shall be (sadly) written off soon. And in the world of politics, too! How surprised I was to read in The Times about a potential split between Church and State over my breakfast. Whatever your opinion, make your voice heard over here. And if you want a whistle-top tour of homophobia in pop music, here are our thoughts. Anyway, the point I’m trying to make (and it was laboured) is that things move quickly and sometimes it’s nice to take a break (though not particularly from the battle of equality, readers) and sink into the world of ‘lo-fi-quirk-folk-pop.’ Mr Vincent provides us with just that after the jump. Leave your troubles here, readers:

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Little Talks – Of Monsters And Men

22 May

I often find myself falling in love with bands from Scandinavia and the Nords of Europe. Don’t really know why but so much good music is coming from there now! Anyway, Of Monsters And Men next.

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The Fractured Lullaby Of Holly Jealous – Blue Balloon

21 May

Up, up and away: Blue Balloon

A week of two halves for you, guys. I’ve got an awesome band for you today, Thursday and Friday but Wednesday and Tuesday will belong to Glee. It’s ending this week (season not series) and so I’ll publish a season review (highlights, grades et al) on Wednesday and post up a review of the Graduation album tomorrow. I’m balanced like that. Anyway, today we have Blue Balloon whose voice promises to deliver’a clear, heartfelt sigh that can rise to desperation and drop to a tremble in the space of a note.’ And on a Monday? Too much, you guys. Too much:

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Generator ^ First Floor – Freelance Whales

17 Apr

Summmmmmmmer. It's totally raining in London today.

Howdy! It’s Tuesday and work is back in swing, expect regular posting: Because we’ll do anything to avoid work. In case you didn’t get the point of Michael’s post, follow us on Twitter. Here’s our link which he forgot and I know it’s in the side-bar but I also know that some of you are probably as lazy as me. Music, anyone? After the jump:

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Hands Down – Dog Is Dead

23 Jan

Let’s kick off your week how you want it to continue. I’m going to post three bands for the first three days of this week, all of which I think are going to blow your socks off this year. Continue reading

House Of Glass – Worship

6 Jan

Why change the theme I’ve brought in for this new year of quenching genuine love sickness with cracking London folk music when the music is so awesome? Exactly, it just doesn’t compute to change. Continue reading

No Rest – Dry The River

5 Jan

Back from one of the best holidays of my life, I’m keen to treat you guys to the music that has been a beautiful soundtrack to a stunning couple of weeks. I’ll leave out the extortionate amount of LMFAO I listened to… Continue reading

Bullet – Katy Perry

4 Jan

Howdy! 2012 has been the year where I’ve been indisputably Sherlocked. I like, and can easily separate both versions. Guy Ritchie’s is a fast-paced, rompy caper. And Moffat’s version is a fast-paced, rompy caper. Okay, there are a few distinctions but when you boil both Sherlocks down, they contain a little heart a lot fun.

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