Fraulein – Haleek Maul

28 Jun

Back to rap. Oh how I have missed you. Here’s something really cool: Barbadian rapper Haleek Maul is only 16 years old and has just recently released Oxyconteen, an EP that can be described as dark and insightful. He’s 16. That was me two years ago, jeez.

For me personally, the entire EP has its highlights, the best of which is Fraulein. This song is soothing, but also very dark and something that you’d be surprised a sixteen year old could produce. Haleek Maul said in an in-depth interview that he fears becoming like every other rapper, and is trying to take music in his own direction. There are clues that he’s achieving this along with flashes of brilliance on this EP, and for me Fraulein is one of them. Listen below:

If you like what you hear, you can download the whole of Oxyconteen here for free.

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