Thirteen – Big Star

28 Jun


The idea of a Summer Romance is nice, isn’t it? You and a girl spend the most amazing week or so together, in some far off place, and it’s just you two, in this little spot of paradise. Need a song to accompany your wooing techniques? You do? Sorted, see below (my wooing techniques not included).

Say what you will about it’s dip in form in recent years, How I Met Your Mother always has a stellar collection of music to accompany its scenes. With that in mind, we drop into Season 3 Episode 13 (the fact that I didn’t even need to Google that is a horrible reflection on my social life) when Ted takes Stella on their two minute date. The moment itself isn’t relevant here (but for any young Casanovas, give it a view), it’s the song going along with it.

What happens when you nail the date

Thirteen, for me, conjures up images of that ideal American Summer that I romanticise in my head. The sun beating down on your back as you walk home from the bus stop with that girl next door who you never admit to, but definitely have a crush on. The guitar leads into the vocals so well, and the line “would you be an outlaw for my love” has still got to be one of my favourite lyrics of all time. For many this will also be Eric and Donna’s song from That 70s show. Either way, it’s below and give it a listen.

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