The Voice UK: Good Luck – Becky Hill

6 May

Always handy with a microphone. Seriously.

Well, jeez: I guess I really like what Michael and I did, too. Michael chose David Julien (East London’s answer to Matt Cardle) as his pick of the week. He was great but my favourite of the competition, Becky Hill performed just after him (I think – the show’s a disorientating blur of red, umbrellas and Reggie Yates). She killed it a fortnight ago with Irreplaceable and her ‘Good Luck’ – a pretty difficult song to cover – was awesome. Watch after the jump:

She has a boundless confidence that’s quite disarming at first but then totally inescapably endearing. Her voice is part husky, part soulful and I really can’t wait to see how she progresses. Also noteworthy: How intensely vulnerable Bo’s performance was. Wowzers.

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