This Heart’s Built To Break – The Scholars

21 Feb

Has British alternative rock been missing from your life? Is Kasabian not filling the void? Does looking at the top 40 from 2007 make you yearn for Look See Proof? Fear not, The Scholars are bringing it back after the jump.

I have struggled more than most having to endure music I really, really dislike on the radio. Once upon a time the worst thing you heard was Hard-fi. Don’t get me wrong, they weren’t good, but they didn’t make me physically ill. That’s why the Scholars have come into my life at just the right time.

To be fair, average indie rock could probably do the trick for me. But friends this is so far from average it’s unbelievable. This Heart’s Built To Break is dark, brooding and ever so powerful. Full of raw emotion, this Oxford quintet literally make me feel like the ultimate ninja. It’s White Lies meets Kubichek! and it’s fucking awesome. Oh yeah, AND it’s free – you lucky audience you.

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