Crazy In The Deep – Divide & Kreate

9 Mar

Rolling In The Deep by Adele has taken the UK by storm. One of England’s most exciting homegrown talents, the single was released on the 29th of November last year, and has gone on to be critically acclaimed by almost everyone who is lucky enough to listen to it. Personally, I love Adele because she can actually sing. There’s really no debating the fact that she has a mesmerising voice, and it’s great to see someone with huge natural talent being justly rewarded. To those of you who aren’t so keen on mash-ups, I’m sorry. I know that we seem to have gone a little bit mash-up mad at the moment, but I just had to post this.

We all remember Crazy by Gnarls Barclay. For a while that was the song. We heard it everywhere. Well, just sit back and gawk at how well Divide & Kreate have done to pick these two out and put them over each other. Pretty awesome huh? Drop us an email if you want the mp3, and we’ll try and sort you out. Also, if you haven’t heard the original Rolling In The Deep yet, here’s an awesome live performance by Adele:

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