Colours – Grouplove

18 Feb

This is just so quintessentially the music I like it’s not even funny. Compared with that brilliant dream-pop a couple of days ago, this is much more of the sound I am used to loving. Grouplove are a five piece band from LA and are just the epitome of  “indie” guitar music. On their clothes it says, “Never trust a happy song,” and today’s track (unsurprisingly) is not too chirpy.

Searing male vocals and light female backing give this band a sweet sound and, in their case, I have no doubt that it will be a popular one. Grouplove’s first self-titled EP came out last month and all of it is awesome but lead track, Colours, really grabbed me. The vocals are Killers-esque and the toe tapping drum beat make it a classic alternate rock track.

However it’s the lyrics and the video which make this song just a little bit special. They’re really dark!

“He shot himself, self
There’s blood on the wall
‘Cause he couldn’t face the truth”

And then the video is of the lead singer hanging himself while his band mates watch. Oh and they’re all dressed up in native Indian uniform. So I guess it’s weird as well.. But don’t worry, this a great song and the video is actually a pretty cool contrast with the bouncier sound. So watch out for Grouplove and just try not to hate them too much for being this artsy!

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    […] GroupLove, GROUPLOVE?) Tongue Tied which is a fantastic song. Michael covered the band’s Colours yonks ago. The cover (and accompanying scene) was perfect and it’s the perfect perfect song […]

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