Breathturn – Hammock

1 Oct

Lets begin October with another beautiful instrumental song. Hammock named themselves after having spent a lot of their nights gazing up at the starry night sky from a hammock in their backyard. Hammock are a duo made up of Marc Byrd and Andrew Thompson, and earlier this year they released their fifth LP, Chasing After Shadows… Living with the Ghosts. The new LP is full of amazing songs, and Breathturn is probably my favourite.

photo thomas petillo.

I know that I always write that these instrumental rock songs are atmospheric, but there’s really no other word to describe them. You have to listen and just take it all in to really understand how good they are. What I really love about this song and what perhaps sets it apart from the others in its genre is the beautiful vocal sample that is layered into the track. It’s enough to add to the overall effect of the song without making it so that the music is dominated by the vocals, which in my opinion, is exactly the way it should be. I also love the music video to this song, and it’s worth mentioning that Hammock are one of the few bands to have successfully produced music videos for instrumental songs. Anyway that’s enough from me. I’ll shut up and let you watch and listen:

Check out Hammock’s official site and MySpace for more.

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