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Montana – Youth Lagoon (Turtles All The Way Down)

28 May

Awake is gone. I really hope that my readers like Awake and weren’t one of the masses to have ignored it because it was the best show of the year.  And it’s dead now (thanks a lot NBC)! Continue reading

Cannons – Youth Lagoon

14 Jul

Youth Lagoon (aka Trevor Powers) has shot into the spotlight after releasing two amazing tracks on his bandcamp page. Both July and Cannons are available to download for free. I have chosen to write about Cannons mainly because it was the first song of the two that I heard, and fell in love with. Ladies and gentlemen, this is beautiful, soaring electronic at its absolute finest:

The harmonies in this are beautiful, not to mention the actual melody itself. If you listen, you can almost hear it shimmer. This song is bursting with the sunny days and late-light nights of summer, and I will definitely be playing it over the next few months. Head on over here to download Cannons absolutely free of charge.