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Lack of Colour – Sunday Lane

10 Apr

So here’s another up and coming artist, Sunday Lane (fittingly featured on a Sunday). After having listened to Sunday Lane’s entire album, Bring Me Sunshine, I found it extremely difficult to pick one standout track to focus on for you guys simply because they are all so good. In the end I decided to go with Lack of Colour because it’s so instantly appealing.

So there you go. Sunday Lane seems to be like that kid we were all really jealous of at school. The kid who was super smart, madly popular, and great at sports and drawing. Musically, Sunday Lane seems to have it all; the ability to write catchy yet genuine melodies and blend them with meaningful lyrics, and lets not forget the looks 😉 (a notable occasion- the first time I have deemed it appropriate to use a smiley face). Check out Sunday’s video for Won’t Go Back Down and check out her site here if you’re hungry for more.