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Florence Unplugged

19 Apr

Flo-rida. Two totally unrelated artists. She's also not from Florida. They just sounded the same, okay?

Coincidenceville: I was going to post this yesterday but then I heard the new Flo-Rida track and moved this to today (obviously) and they’re both called Flo, you guys! Also, a peril of using the word ‘coincidenceville’ (obviously not a word) is that spell check doesn’t offer you a suggestion for ‘coincidence’ as it doesn’t recognise the ‘-ville. That’s fine but I always misspell coincidence, making my use of slang especially risky. I also just misspelt ‘misspell’ so that’s irony (kinda? Not really) for you. Anyway, I once saw a really sweet video interview between Katy Perry and Florence (hey! I found it) that I really enjoyed. Watch and learn, kids. Watch and learn. Below:

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