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These Streets – Bastille

14 Feb

Could this blog ever feature someone too much. The answer is probably yes for pretty much all people. Find out after the jump why no such rule applies to Bastille.

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Fictional State – To Kill A King

27 Apr

https://canyouhearthis.files.wordpress.com/2011/05/to-kill-a-king-band.jpg?w=300Another British folk five-piece I hear you cry and you’re right in some ways. But in most ways, you’re definitely wrong. To Kill A King hail from Leeds and are very much a band moving with the British movement right now of guitars, strings and strong vocals – in the footsteps of the likes of Mumford & Sons and Noah and the Whale. To accept To Kill A King as another name to this list though would be horribly misplaced after hearing their debut offering.

Get excited guys because intelligent song writing seems to be everywhere right now. To Kill A King know how to paint vivid picture, even if it is one packed with pathos and woe. Fictional State is the story of witnessing your own bleak future and the difficulty surrounded with changing it. It’s provoking, made all the more so by the beautiful accompanying music which moves from melancholy to a tune brought magnificently to life with strings and vibrant horns. This is the music which has made waves recently and looks set to make a few more – To Kill A King may well be the ones who kill the queen that is modern day pop music (it’s awful).