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Let You Down – Tin Star Orphans

11 Oct


Tin Star Orphans are fresh out of Toronto, Canada and have produced one of the finest folk-rock songs in recent years and is sure to make you rethink Canadian music. We wrote about our first Canadian band only five days ago and the trouble is that their music is just difficult to find! With an American monopoly, you would be forgiven for thinking that the only band famous from Canada are Crash Test Dummies (great band). But they’re not and Tin Star Orphans, with a similar name, are similarly brilliant.

I won’t pretend that this song was difficult for me to find, it was on One Tree Hill, and I have adored it since. The lead singer, Zachary Bennett, was lead actor in Road to Avonlea, a mystery show from the 90s, and now has decided to move to music. His vocals are done beautifully and the guitar strum behind is central to this track being so catchy. “Don’t think you’ll owe me. If I keep the peace” – The song is packed with meaning, which we always like. It’s about the importance to never stop helping and the struggle to keep going.

If Mumford & Sons have been tickling your fancy recently or you just want a really good, infectious, smart song, I cannot speak highly enough of Let You Down! You won’t be Let Down (see what I’ve done there) so buy this and their album as their debut record hosts plenty great songs!