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Taylor Swift’s Hunger Games

30 Mar

Tribute from District 13? Swift takes on The Hunger Games. Impractical arena gear.

Yo. It’s Friday (good) and we’ve come to the end of THG soundtrack and landed on Taylor Swift’s contributions (better! Maybe.) Jump the jump for more detail (it probably wouldn’t be hard.)

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Nothing To Remember – Neko Case

29 Mar
Something To Remember: Neko Case

Something To Remember: Neko Case

This is one of my favourites from THG soundtrack. It works even better if you’re well-versed in Panem culture but is a sweet accompaniment to even the THG-ignorant (Michael). Transience, leaving an impression and dehumanization are all vital components of the books and (coincidenceville!) this song. 

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Come Away To The Water – Maroon 5 ft. Rozzi Crane

28 Mar

Jeez, there were lots of ‘likes’ and ‘Henrys’ in yesterday’s post: I approve. I don’t approve of Michael’s mocking my HG addiction. The film was so good. And not just in a ‘they did quite a good adaptation.’ It was really, really good. Anyway, I’m pulling 3 more tracks from the soundtrack and here’s a Maroon 5 one heading at you.

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Abraham’s Daughter – Arcade Fire

21 Mar

New Music!

Hi! Sorry for the lack of … anything recently. My life has been completely taken over by The Hunger Games. Everyone probably thinks they are the most extreme fans but I regularly exhibit worrying signs of addiction. Stephen Fry still reads HP to me to sleep and I save my HP stationary paper for really, really special people. Anyway, 3 books, 1 soundtrack and 7 hours browsing The Hunger Games Tumblr page and I’ve come back down to Earth. Or as close to Earth as one can be while listening to the audiobook. Anyway, as the film is released on Friday (Friday! So close! And on a side note: my local cinema is one of the only ones to show prreviews on the Thursday. I’m busy unfortunately, which has made me about as happy as a trackerjacked Glimmer) I thought I’d pull some notable songs from the soundtrack. Which is really, really good. Behold:

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