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Taylor Swift’s Hunger Games

30 Mar

Tribute from District 13? Swift takes on The Hunger Games. Impractical arena gear.

Yo. It’s Friday (good) and we’ve come to the end of THG soundtrack and landed on Taylor Swift’s contributions (better! Maybe.) Jump the jump for more detail (it probably wouldn’t be hard.)

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Disarm – The Civil Wars

11 Aug

Although the title may sound like this may not be a music post but a government policy statement, it is so don’t worry. The Civil Wars are a duo formed in Nashville in 2009 and started gathering fame following their song being played on an episode of Grey’s Anatomy. They released their debut album this year entitled Barton Hollow which reached number one in the download charts. It was a great mix of rock and folk and one of my favourite albums of this year.

The quirky duo recently travelled to Daytrotter Studios to record an intimate set. The band have already showed their potential to do great covers on their album but their latest is a real delight. Their cover of Disarm by the Smashing Pumpkin’s is really great and a must listen.