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Lonely Boy – The Black Keys

15 Dec

Hello once again audience! This is my last post for a good few weeks as I’m leaving the country (don’t worry it’s a worthy post). So have a cracking Christmas and keep checking in on CYHT as Henry keeps writing! Continue reading

10 Things I Love About Pop: Week 8

3 Dec

Pink Ladies: GaGa, Nicki and KP.

Don’t hate me because this is a short post, let your eyes thank me for all the reading I saved them! Brevity is all:

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Stomp – The Stone Foxes

28 Sep

The Stone Foxes: Nice guys, saviours of rock and roll.

I’m lucky to have grown up in London but if there’s one place that really appeals to me to live, it’s San Francisco. Apart from a fondness for bridges, it’s the city’s amazing music that attracts me. One of my favourite bands when I was growing up, Tally Hall are locals. Buxter Hoot’n, a band that we’ve featured here at Can You Hear This are also native San Franciscans. The city seems like a breeding group for my future iPod memory. It also seems to be a metropolis of toleration and acceptance- all pluses! The latest band that cement my affection for San Francisco are The Stone Foxes. These guys exude cool, a combination of The Black Keys’ rock and a gritty, nonchalant attitude. The first single from their second album, Bears & Bulls (where they not only avoided a sophomore slump but shot their sound into the stratosphere) is a little fire-rocket.

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