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Facedown – The 1975

26 Jun

Lead singer of The 1975, Matt Healy

It’s finally starting. The 1975 are beginning their inevitable road to huge success (here’s hoping).

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Chocolate – The 1975

13 Jun

We are way too busy right now to look for new music. Instead you get to enjoy the best music we have (but have had for a while). Continue reading

With The Tide – The Soviet

9 May

It doesn’t take all that much to get a listen to on this blog. Send us an email (properly addressed, not “Hey there music blog” or something equally banal) or you could just like The 1975 on Facebook. Continue reading

The City – The 1975

20 Apr

You know what, whatever you’re told about not getting too attached in life, ignore it. I literally am obsessed with The 1975

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Sex – The 1975

7 May

The 1975

I don’t need to tell you how excited I am by the news of a second song from The 1975, but suffice to say, this made my month. They have an infectious sound and are sure to make it big this year if they just keep going. Sometimes there are bands and songs that just need to be heard and this year that is definitely The 1975.

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