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Channel Orange – Frank Ocean

11 Jul

So many things running through my head right now. Yes, I just did a post about Frank when I myself champion variety. Yes, Channel Orange was scheduled for a later release, and yes, I have to learn many pointless things for my British Citizenship test (including that Welsh is most widely spoken in Wales. Who would have thought?). But just please….

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The Longest Road (Deadmau5 Remix) – Morgan Page (feat. Lissie)

24 Jun

I have finally, FINALLY finished all of my exams. Thank goodness. After four in three days, I was ready to jump off a cliff. Having finally rid myself of urges that on another day might have led me to believe that I was a lemming, I can now provide you with a stream of glorious tunes.

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(More) Sounds That Are Helping Me To Stay Alive: A(nother) Downbeat Electronic Playlist to Wash Your Stress (Even Further) Away

14 Jun

I have been under the radar, but you’ll have to excuse me while I finish off what ranks among the worst weeks of my life. I thought I’d lift my head out of a book just long enough to give you the second part of my playlist full of relaxing tunes that manage to counterbalance my hair-pulling stress (to some extent). I really enjoyed writing the last playlist post because it was actually refreshingly easy to compile a list of songs that I love, and that I’ve been listening to recently. The hardest part was finding a picture to go with the post, and it was a similar challenge this time. So, like any struggling image hunter would, I’ve gone with a feline DJ. Time to sit back, relax, and here we go…

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Breezing through my Summer playlist: fun., Andrew Bird and some rock.

1 Jun

Summer! Also: Get well soon, KoL

Exams are conspiring to make this the least fun few weeks of my life. That means posting is likely to become grouchy/irregular. I thought about just posting some playlists of mine over the coming weeks with a few comments. Then I realised that would be incredibly lazy. Then I thought, it’s still lazy but I’m going to do it. And as a reminder, we compiled a summer-ready playlist for you last year; it’s worth checking out. Enjoy these next few weeks. If you have exams, bear with it; if not, bear with whatever ‘it’ you have:

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Summers Down – Blue Boats

1 May

I can almost feel/taste/smell/see/hear summer. All I need is a summer song to make me feel like I’m actually there. Summers Down is a rich-in-reverb number that will undoubtedly convince you that summer is on its way (despite relentless torrential downpours in London right now).

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Archive 2: Bang! – The Raveonettes

7 Feb

Ah, so the song that started off my musical blogging journey. Twas a snowy night in 2009, when Noah posted this song on our Tumblr and kickstarted our blog, back in simpler (read: less work) times. And, to be frank, it is the perfect nostalgia track:

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Girls – Youth Cattle

28 Jun

Sometimes it can be very hard to find “fresh” music. How can you produce a fresh sound when every type has essentially been defined already? The answer is with courage and the willingness to try new things (WOW this is cliché). So although we hear Lady Gaga-brand pop redone countlessly, there is nothing fresh about it. Why? Not to get all ranty on you, but because redoing what people already likes is so inoffensive and so certain of selling. It’s the artists who make music for the sake of making music who are the ones who are going to produce the rare fresh songs. To my mind you can include Youth Cattle amongst those who have dared, and are daring, to push the envelope in the name of evolving music.

That said, sometimes I love familiar if used correctly. I’ve definitely been rambling so let’s get to the actual music and forget the abstract. Youth Cattle list under their influences “self-loathing” and nothing else. Not particularly promising and doesn’t really feel accurate. The California band have such a lovely on the ears sound, soothing. The vocals are Interpol-esque but the tone and tempo of the music is more relaxed and, dare I say it, comforting. The old school photos of the band only serve to highlight that these guys are basically very cool!

The group are picking up a following already and with two potentially lead singles already written and recorded in Summer and Girls, their future is very bright.

Eff, Marry or Kill: Summer Music Edition

30 May

Eff, Marry, Kill: the rules are pretty simple. Out of three options which would you eff, marry or kill. Pretty playground huh?  Perhaps but indulge me, I’m a school kid and this has a point. In honour of Nymag’s rather excellent Eff, Marry or Kill: Summer Movie Edition, I thought I’d do one especially for the tracks we’re likely to be hearing this summer. In what other format could you legally kill Bruno Mars? Continue reading